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What Is an Independent Living Lifestyle Like in Holladay, UT?

A COMMON MISCONCEPTION is that the only purpose of a senior living community is long-term care, which is a big reason many older adults avoid moving into these communities until they need care. That way of thinking can cause you to miss out on the many benefits of independent living in a community like Spring Gardens Senior Living Holladay.

What Is Independent Living?

When we say “independent living,” that can mean a wide variety of senior housing options, from age-restricted neighborhoods open only to 55+ to continuing care retirement communities. The former are often rental communities that don’t offer any care services and the latter have independent living options as well as assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing.

These kinds of residential communities offer freedom from the hassles of maintaining a home and opportunities to enjoy an active lifestyle. Residence options from apartments to townhomes and condos to freestanding villas or cottages come in a variety of sizes and floor plans.

The services and amenities associated with independent living are designed around making things easier and more convenient for residents. Services commonly include dining plans, transportation services, housekeeping, security, and linen service. A fitness center, multiple dining venues, pools, woodworking shops, crafting rooms, art studios, and beauty and barber salons are often included in amenities.

Senior fitness classes range from tai chi to yoga, balance training to weight training, dancing to water aerobics. There are many opportunities for creativity through writing, music, and art. Residents can keep their minds active by attending seminars, lectures, and classes offered by local colleges or lifelong learning institutes.

What’s the Value of Choosing Independent Living Sooner?

If you’re healthy and active, why sell your home and move to an independent living community? Ask most of the current residents of such a community and they’ll tell you they wish they’d moved in sooner. These are the major reasons:

Freedom and simplicity: residents don’t have to worry about the hassles and costs of maintaining the house and yard. They don’t have to cook or do dishes if they don’t want to, and they have more time for their hobbies and interests. Moving in sooner would’ve meant having all of this for longer.

Staying active: a lot of residents find there are so many activities to do that they don’t have room for them all in their calendar. Many realize how little they’d been doing while living in their own houses. Once they move into an independent senior living community, they can be as busy as they want.

The social scene: social isolation can have devastating effects on the mental and physical wellbeing of seniors, but independent living residents have access to as much social interaction as they could wish for, from informal get-togethers to resident parties, outings, and clubs.

Easy access to care: even if you’re currently experiencing few difficulties with your health, that could change, and you’ll have better access to the help you may need in the future at an independent living community.

Learn More About Spring Gardens Senior Living Holladay

To get more information about the kinds of amenities we offer at our independent living community, head over to the contact page or drive over for a visit. We can’t wait to meet you!

Independent living is all about your quality of life!

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