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Tips for Finding Senior Living Near Me

senior living near me in Lindon

Senior Living Near Me in Lindon, Utah

As we age, many of us will get to a point where we can’t safely handle all our activities of daily living. It is best to start considering different senior living communities to find a new place to call home when this time comes. It is no easy decision, as there aren’t many who want to move far away from their family, friends, and wonderful community.

It is normal for most seniors to feel a little resistant to moving into a senior living community. But as long as you spend a bit of time finding the best fit in your area, the transition will be much less stressful, and long-term happiness is much more likely.


When considering senior living communities, you’ll first need to determine what support you require. Think about what you need help with right now, regardless of how small it may be. What will you possibly need help with in the future?

Now start looking at the different forms of senior living communities to find which one best matches your needs. Here’s are three of the most common types of senior living communities:

Independent Living – These incredible living communities remove the burden of keeping up a home so that you can focus on enjoying your retirement, your interests, and your health. Independent living communities give older adults an incredible lifestyle with plenty of opportunities to make new friends.

Independent living is an excellent choice if your overall health is fine and there’s no need for help with daily tasks.

Assisted Living – By helping you with daily tasks, home maintenance, and transportation, assisted living communities allow you to continue living independently, but with a bit of help. Suppose you’re having trouble managing your medications, dealing with mobility issues, struggling to get dressed, or worrying about getting in and out of the bath. In that case, you should consider senior housing in assisted living.

Memory Care Memory care is a type of senior living that caters specifically to those struggling with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. These communities have created units with a higher level of care from skilled nursing and staff, specially trained in memory loss’s effects. Care focuses on improving quality of life, offering memory-enhancing therapies in a secure environment.


Safety should always be a priority whether you’re looking at care options for yourself or a loved one. There is no price tag on preserving well-being, especially for seniors. Read our tips to help you find a safe retirement community:

Check State Records

While the place may look great with clean common areas and green gardens, it does not reflect the community’s safety. You can find records of offenses at state offices. These records provide a “background check” as you search for the right place.

Talk to The Staff and Residents

During a visit, take the opportunity to talk with staff members and residents. You might be surprised by how willing they are to open up about their experiences. It is essential to know if they feel completely safe and comfortable.

Security Policies and Features

You can find out about security features, complaints and hiring policies by asking the director. Suppose you or your loved one has special medical needs. In that case, you should also make sure they will receive highly-skilled care to address these needs as a safety precaution. Do they have a system that can auto-dial in the case of an emergency?


Although senior living can be expensive, most people are surprised at how affordable it is compared to the costs of owning a home. Crunch some numbers before you get too far in.

The list of expenses can be long, even if the mortgage has already been paid. In your calculations, you should include taxes, groceries, entertainment, home maintenance, age-related renovations, and medical costs or home health care expenses.

After that, calculate your financial resources. Include assets and income sources like surviving spouse benefits, veteran’s benefits, retirement investments, pensions, and long-term care insurance.

You’ll know what you can afford and if you need to look into federal aid programs for the elderly.


Never make a big decision based solely on Internet research. The only way to truly understand which community will be best is to take a tour.

Senior living communities are accustomed to setting up tours. Ensure that you walk the whole community to check out the floor plans, including the resident’s rooms. Talk to the current residents and staff members to hear their opinion.

What levels of assistance do they provide? Is the community pet friendly? Do all the research, take a tour, and ask for opinions and professional help, but most of all, trust your gut.

Senior Living Near Me in Lindon, Utah

If you are interested in senior living in Lindon, Pleasant Grove, or Vineyard in Utah county, contact Spring Gardens Senior Living. We might be the best retirement living community near you.

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