The Summit Assisted Living in Mesa, AZ

Care and engagement are our number one priority

At The Summit assisted living community in Mesa, we do all we can to create a sense of comfort for our residents. We deliver services with compassion, dignity, and respect by specially-trained staff members. Our goal is to make our resident’s lives as complete as they can be.

Our staff at The Summit at Sunland Springs in East Mesa, AZ., takes the time to get to know you. We get to know your sense of humor, where you grew up, your family, your career, and to understand health concerns. We are there for you when you need us, and we give you your space when you need that too! 

Whether you need full support every day, a little help now and then, or would simply enjoy the companionship of others, we tailor the care to what you need. The Summit offers a comprehensive range of support supervised by knowledgeable, compassionate professionals.

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living is a retirement community that offers personal care for older adults who need a little bit of assistance with activities of daily living (ADL’s, read more about it here). These services typically include:

  • Medication management
  • Personal grooming assistance 
  • Escorts to and from meals and events
  • Specialized meal accommodations 
  • Coordinating and scheduling with physicians 
  • Incontinence management

What is The Summit’s approach to assisted living?

At The Summit, senior care assisted living is more than a helping hand; it’s about the overall well-being of each of our residents.  We help residents enjoy opportunities to stay active, eat well, connect with friends and achieve personal goals every day.

Assisted Living services and amenities include:

  • Private apartments with emergency alert systems
  • Chef-prepared meals 
  • Engaging events
  • Fitness center
  • Utilities (excluding phone)
  • Housekeeping and linen services
  • Apartment maintenance
  • Coordination with outside healthcare providers
  • A 24-hour staff
  • Scheduled transportation

The aging process can limit an older adult’s ability to carry out essential daily living activities. Health problems are not always obvious, especially for older adults. Signs of declining abilities can be so subtle that neither the parent nor their children or caregiver may realize help is needed.

Some loved ones may avoid talking about their difficulties or deny them altogether, insisting everything is okay. Some may feel guilty about needing help or being a burden. They may be afraid their life will change or that they will lose their home and independence.

However, by learning to recognize indicators of age-related issues, family and caregivers can adequately address them before they lead to severe problems.

Below are signs to look for when caring for an aging adult. If just one applies to your situation, it might be time to start talking about care options with your parents and siblings.

Changes in Behavior

Be attentive to any changes in behavior (click here). Health issues can cause elders to neglect their home, health, and personal hygiene. Irritability and anxiety may be indicators that something isn’t quite right.

Unusual or Unkempt Appearance

Arthritis and joint pain affect an aging adult’s agility, making it challenging to dress. Be aware of their overall appearance. Are they wearing the same sweatshirt every day instead of their typical button-down shirts? Are they wearing slip-on sandals or avoiding shoes that tie?

Poor Hygiene

A decrease in balance and mobility can cause older adults to avoid bathing due to fear of falling. The sense of smell also decreases with age, so they may not realize their hygiene needs attention.

Changes in Diet

Eating may no longer be as appealing as it once was, as the senses of smell and taste both diminish with age. Decreases in these senses can mean that elders may skip meals or spoiled food isn’t recognized. 

There are also dangers, like the smell of natural gas or smoke, that may go unnoticed. Be conscious of weight changes and eating habits. Be aware of expired food they may keep in their pantry or refrigerator. Are they lacking fresh food and relying on heavily processed items?

An Unkempt House

Your loved one may no longer have the energy or ability to do household chores. Ask yourself, “Is the yard overgrown? Is there a lot of unopened mail in the house or piles of laundry or trash?” 

Trouble Keeping Track of Medication

Is your parent struggling to keep track of their medication? Accidentally missing a dosage or taking too much can result in serious health issues. 

It may be challenging to recognize signs right away. Talk with your loved ones about the kind of help they may need, research independent living and assisted living options with them. Discussing early and creating a plan together is essential and ultimately brings peace of mind and a higher quality of life for everyone involved.

Assisted Living Floor Plans

At The Summit at Sunland Springs Assisted Living community in Mesa, AZ, you will find a variety of companion, studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartment homes to meet your lifestyle needs. Every room is fresh and bright with an easy to navigate layout, large windows, private bathrooms, and emergency alert systems. Here are just a few of the floor plans we offer:

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