Respite Care in Glendale, Arizona

Short-term care that fits your schedule

What Is Respite Care?

Respite care is a unique name for a short-term break for primary caretakers. It’s a 24-hour job to look after someone living at home that’s disabled or unwell. But, progress is finally being made for those caring for family members with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

You require a break now and then to take care of your own needs. That’s where respite care can help. A break can be brief or as long as you require it. You can ask for respite care for a couple of hours a day, a few days, or even a few weeks.

Who Needs Respite Care?

Someone that has an ailment or handicap may require home care around the clock. Caretakers always need time to rest and decompress, take a vacation, get the shopping done, go to appointments, or just get out and exercise. You may utilize respite care if you’re caring for a person who has a condition like:

  • Cancer
  • A brain injury
  • Alzheimer’s disease or mental deterioration
  • A stroke
  • Blindness

What does respite care provide?

Respite care provides a risk-free, comfortable location for your loved one while you’re away. Experienced caretakers can sit and talk with somebody that’s ill or impaired.  They might also help your loved one with personal care, such as bathing, dressing, medication management, or just to get out and get some exercise in the great outdoors.

Our assisted living programs for respite care consist of activities like music, dancing, or art classes. At Terra Pointe in Glendale, we provide group meals, entertainment, and time to socialize with others.

A senior living at home can feel isolated if they’re alone at all times. Family caregiving can also feel isolating for the caregiver. Respite care is a welcome break for both of you.

What are the Benefits of Respite Care

Every caregiver is under an enormous amount of pressure and has very little time to care for themselves. We know the stressful thought of leaving a senior in the care of others while you take a rest. We make sure that every caregiver feels confident in the care provided by our community.

There are several particular benefits to engaging in a respite care service. Here are some of them:

  • Reduces stress leading to greater levels of patience.
  • A well-earned break lowers feelings of frustration and exhaustion and increases wellbeing.
  • Allows the carer time to interact with family, friends, and your job.
  • Improved relationship between carer and cared for.
  • You get a pause from the daily responsibilities of caring.
  • It is an opportunity to have a change of scenery and shift in paradigm.
  • It provides an opportunity to introduce your loved one to a new community and build a relationship with the residents and staff. The benefit is massive if you have an emergency requiring you to stop caregiving for some time.

What are the challenges in Respite Care?

The first and most significant obstacle is admitting that you need a break.  Sometimes being so focused on another person can make you feel like you can’t take time to look after yourself.

Let yourself decompress now and then so you don’t get mentally, emotionally, and physically drained. When you come back, you’ll focus more energy on your role, which will boost both of you.

Be open with your loved one and the whole family about why you need respite care. They will have a greater understanding and might want to be involved in the decision.

Respite care in Glendale, AZ

As the disease progresses, it carries a tremendous burden, both physically and psychologically, on the family members who are doing the caregiving.

Primary caregivers must seek outside help if they feel they are becoming ill from the strain as the disease progresses. The stress can quickly become intolerable for spouses trying to cope alone at home with a person with Alzheimer’s, leading to physical or mental burnout.

We are aware that some caregivers are reluctant or feel guilty to bring their loved ones to respite care, and we understand their reasons. We know that you are worried that your loved one will struggle with the change and could possibly become depressed or agitated. We sympathize with these concerns while also being strong advocates for the benefits. There should be no shame or guilt in seeking respite care from a professional care community.

We welcome visitors to our community who need a little caring for a short time. Our respite services include everything we offer to our permanent residents but temporarily. Respite program apartments are clean and beautiful, and ready for a short-term stay.

Whether you need time to go to the hairdresser, go to a school meeting, or visit a spa for some ‘me time,’ we will support your need to rest while ensuring your loved one is getting top care.

Don’t hesitate to visit and learn more about our Alzheimer’s and dementia care from our Community Relations Directors.

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