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Erick Lorenzana

Executive Director

Erick Lorenzana, executive director at Spring Gardens Senior Living in Lindon, brings a unique perspective to senior care. He spent more than 20 years in the hospitality industry before moving into assisted living and memory care.

“It’s a natural fit from hospitality,” Lorenzana says. “Hospitality is all about making sure the customer is happy and taking care of people.”

He says he really enjoys that working in senior living allows him to build long-term relationships.

“I love senior living,” he says. “I can’t picture myself doing anything else.”

Lorenzana grew up on the East Coast and is proud of his international heritage.

“My dad is from Guatemala, and my mom is from Uruguay,” he says. “My wife is from Honduras. I like to say I’m the purest American: Central, South and North America.”

When not busy caring for the staff and residents at Spring Gardens, Lorenzana enjoys playing sports, enjoying outdoor activities, and spending time with his wife and five kids.

Read on as Lorenzana shares about what surprised him in senior living, his favorite part of the job, how his staff sees him, what makes Spring Gardens special, and what he wants prospective families to know.

Question: What surprised you about senior living?

Answer: It surprised me initially how involved families are. Now I realize it makes sense – especially here in Utah, there is a lot of involvement by the families – which is great. It makes for a lot of dynamics and I am here to help everyone.

Q: What is your favorite part of your job?

A: My favorite part is talking to the residents. Honestly, it’s an honor to know them at this stage of their life. They’ve gone through so much and we get to be a part of their last years. To me, it’s a privilege to take care of them at the end of their life. It’s all worth it. 

Q: What would your staff say about you?

A: I always have an open door. I don’t think I know it all. We always have so much to learn. I’m approachable. I love talking to staff about any issues they might have. I want to do anything I can to make their lives easier. They’re on the front line, and if they have a better way of doing something, I’m all for it.

Q: What makes Spring Gardens Lindon special?

A: Definitely the family environment. We all respect each other. I’m always available to help transfer a resident or help serve in the dining room if they need help. We try to instill that team environment in everyone. It helps build rapport with your staff; they know you’re there for them. People feel that when they come in. You can tell if it’s a good place or not, if it’s a place that’s a caring environment. I’ve had tours where people say, “This just feels like a good place.” Obviously we aren’t perfect, but people feel the difference here.

Q: What do you want prospective families to know?

A: Communication is key. If a family member has an issue, I’d love to make an appointment and talk about it. I want to make it better. If we don’t know about it, then we can’t fix it. I’m very appreciative when family members come to us. I want to listen, look into the situation, and then I always follow up. That goes a long way.

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