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Pleasant Grove

All About Pleasant Grove

Pleasant Grove was originally called Battle Creek and is known as “Utah’s City of Trees.” It was settled in 1850 by a handful of Mormon pioneers sent by Brigham Young. They staked out farms and established a small community. Ellis Reynolds Shipp, one of Utah’s first female doctors, was among the people to arrive within the first two years. Shipp became a legendary MD, Obstetrician, and Pediatrician through the young women’s midwife training program of Dr. Richards and Eliza Snow.

In the last few decades, Pleasant Grove has been a filming location for movies such as “Gold Diggers: The Secret” of Bear Mountain and Stephen King’s “The Stand” series.

Assisted Living and Memory Care Near Pleasant Grove, UT

Spring Gardens Senior Living, located near Pleasant Grove in Lindon, is nestled next to fields of horses and farms. Spring Gardens boasts a stunning view of the Wasatch mountains and provides the best care for seniors in Utah County, hands down.

This vibrant community provides both assisted living and memory care services. Assisted living communities mainly focus on the social needs of residents, whereas memory care communities offer specific activities tailored to their unique dementia needs. Seniors living with dementia can often express their distress in the form of challenging behaviors. The right timed intervention can prevent these sources of worry by keeping seniors busy and involved with their environment.

Our community is filled with caring team members committed to fostering a culture that provides meaningful support to all our residents. Spring Gardens is located with easy access to all the amenities of the Provo-Orem area. Contact us today and “Feel the Difference” for yourself!

Step Into a World of Fantasy at Evermore Park

Evermore Park is a theme park in which attendees can participate in immersive fantasy stories. It functions as a sort of cross between a Renaissance fair and a live-action roleplay game. The park is staffed by actors dressed in fantasy costumes who help attendees complete quests and progress in their chosen guilds.

Unlike most amusement parks, Evermore doesn’t have traditional rides. The experience revolves around character interaction and the immersive setting. Guests, also called “world Walkers,” can go as themselves or dress up and create a character to play. Make sure to enjoy the themed food and drink items and check out the merchandise when you visit!

Another place you can escape in Pleasant Grove is at The Escape Date! Bring the whole family and see if you have what it takes to solve the puzzles and escape from one of the three themed escape rooms within the time limit.

If your escape is nature, check out the Battle Creek Falls hike in the canyon. The trail is a fairly easy hike and only totals 1.2 miles in and back. The trail follows the stream at the bottom of the canyon until it climbs up onto the bench and doubles back at the waterfall.

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