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Senior Living in Albuquerque | What’s Not to Love?

senior living in albuquerque

FROM ITS FANTASTIC WEATHER to its incredible landscape, living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, has so much to offer. Senior living at Avista provides a fantastic community with stellar care services in this gem of a city where you can live your best life. 

Beautiful Mountains Majesty

Located in the shadow of the Sandia Mountains, Albuquerque showcases this stunning view from every point in the city. During sunset, the colors change from pink to purple and green to blue. 

Sandia means watermelon in Spanish. It is believed that the early settlers gave the name for the pinkish color of their granite peaks, and locals will tell you the Sandia mountains are nothing short of magical. 

Sun for Days

Albuquerque gets an incredible 310 days of sunshine a year. The remaining 55 days are still relatively mild compared to the rest of the U.S. This eternal sunshine allows you to dress lightly and spend your afternoons outside, soaking up the vitamin D we all need for ultimate health and happiness. 

The sun is a potent natural antidepressant. There’s a good reason why there are so many options for senior living communities in Albuquerque. Not only that, but you’ll never have to think about another snow shovel again.

Big City Life with a Small Town Vibe

Avista Senior Living in Albuquerque offers all the amenities one usually expects from a big city –- nightlife, shopping. They provide multiple recreation opportunities in nearby communities while maintaining the small-town vibe that makes it a wonderful place to call home. 

Moving into a new community can be daunting. Still, Albuquerque is small and friendly enough to transition smoothly. This small-town vibe makes meeting new local senior friends that much easier. 

Fitness at Senior Living in Albuquerque 

Albuquerque, New Mexico is one of the top fittest cities in America. It shouldn’t come as a surprise because Albuquerque has everything you need to get an active lifestyle. Over 22,000 acres of parks, miles of mountain trails, and great weather make it perfect for seniors to care for their bodies by joining walking groups, tai-chi classes in the park, and a little swimming pool therapy with friends. Albuquerque is perfect for fitness enthusiasts of all ages.

Year-Round Events

When you choose senior living in Albuquerque, there is always something to do. You are sure to find a myriad of live music and concerts, cultural and heritage activities, arts and crafts shows, farmer’s markets, and much more. And because Albuquerque has superb weather conditions, it just happens to be the hot air ballooning capital of the world. So book yourself a balloon ride and admire those majestic mountains from the best seat in the house – the open skies.

It’s a Deal!

Everything is cheaper in Albuquerque. On a list of 75 of America’s most populated cities, Albuquerque is considered one of the least expensive places to live. Lower prices mean more money in your bank account. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a bargain? 

Location Location Location

Albuquerque is conveniently located at the crossing of two major highways — the I-25 and the I-40, allowing easy access to major towns nearby. Denver, Colorado, is only a few hours north, and if you head west, you hit Phoenix, Arizona. And if you’ve got your sights on the south, only a few hours south is Mexico. 

Texas towns Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio are about a day’s drive east, and if you drive west for 12 hours, you’ll reach Los Angeles or San Diego. Albuquerque is centralized, making it very easy for family and friends to visit.

A Cultural Mix of Events and Activities

While there are other beautiful, warm, and physically fit cities in the country, there is one thing that makes Albuquerque entirely unique — its culture. Albuquerque’s melting pot combines Mexican, Hispanic, and Native American cultures into a beautiful kaleidoscope of arts, crafts, music, and exciting events.  

New Mexican Cuisine

New Mexican cuisine is best known for its unique blend of Native American and Spanish flavors. Most dishes are prepared with the signature ingredients: red and green chiles. The smokey flavor of freshly roasted green chiles and the earthy fruitiness of red chile sauce is the backbone of New Mexican cooking. It is simply superb, and it doesn’t taste nearly as divine elsewhere in the country.

So, what are you waiting for? Come check out our Avista senior living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We provide the highest quality care in the best place on earth.  

You are sure to love your retirement in this sun-filled land full of exciting new things for your new adventure. Come see the Avista difference for yourself. 

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