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3 Types of Senior Care for Seniors in Holladay, UT

SENIOR CARE COMES in a wide range of options, and Spring Gardens in Holladay, UT covers three of the major categories: independent living, assisted living, and memory care. What are the differences between these types of care, and how can family members and caregivers identify the right one for their loved ones?

What Makes Someone a Good Candidate for Independent Living?

Independent living facilities in Holladay are best suited for older adults who require little to no assistance with their activities of daily living. However, they may be starting to feel the strain of taking care of their existing home, so they could benefit from senior care.

Needing occasional medical help doesn’t disqualify someone, but it won’t be provided with the facility’s amenities. Residents enjoy socializing with their peers and are given many enjoyable activities to participate in with friends and neighbors, and it’s a great option for active seniors looking to downsize after the kids have all moved out.

Who Can Benefit From Assisted Living Services in Holladay?

Assisted living facilities provide more care and supervision than independent living communities. Services associated with assisted living include housekeeping, laundry, meals, planned outings, social activities, transportation, and exercise and wellness programs. If your loved one requires medical assistance and has difficulty with daily tasks such as cooking and cleaning, it may be a good time to consider assisted living. More than half of assisted living residents are 85 or older, and nearly 40% require assistance with three or more types of daily living.

What’s Unique About Memory Care?

In a memory care community like our senior care community in Holladay, UT, the atmosphere is designed with the residents’ peace of mind as a high priority. The staff provide meals and assist with personal care like in an assisted living facility, but they also have special training to deal with the unique issues associated with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Residents in memory care receive specialized care, including more frequent check-ins and are given extra structure and support throughout the day. The staff ensures that residents are getting to their meals and attending activities. The facilities are equipped with alarmed doors, enclosed outdoor spaces, and elevator codes to keep residents from wandering and getting lost.

Is Your Loved One a Candidate for Memory Care?

The early stages of Alzheimer’s or dementia don’t always interfere with a person’s independence, particularly if they receive in-home senior care and support. Here are a few questions you can use to determine whether it’s time to consider memory care:

  • Is the person safe in their home?
  • Is the person’s health at risk with their current level of care?
  • Are their care needs more than the current caregiver can meet?
  • Is their care causing too much strain in the other areas of the caregiver’s life?
  • Could the person benefit from the structure and social interaction offered by a memory care facility?

Making the Right Senior Care Choice for You or Your Loved One

The transition to any form of senior care can be a difficult one to make, but these communities exist to make residents’ lives safer, easier, and more enjoyable. If you’d like to know more about the amenities we offer at Spring Gardens Holladay, just give us a call at tel:801-890-5129 or schedule a visit. Make sure to check the map before you head our way!

We love our residents!

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