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Learn about how Avista Senior Living is transforming senior care with world-leading, real-time AI video technology and a 24/7 remote clinical team

At Avista Senior Living, we’re proud to lead the way in innovative fall prevention in senior living with a comprehensive fall management program that includes our partnership with SafelyYou. We know falls are a leading reason families look to senior living communities for help, so we support our residents and families with a staff who understands fall mitigation best practices, plus the world-leading AI video technology and 24/7 remote clinical support to reduce falls and help prevent future falls that SafelyYou provides.

We’re committed to the safety of our residents—and the peace of mind of their families—which is why we’re committed to delivering an advanced fall prevention program in our community.

SafelyYou helps reduce falls in assisted living.

Who is SafelyYou?

SafelyYou provides insights to not only detect and help prevent falls, but also enable the memory care communities within the Avista Senior Living family to better support care staff and residents. This gives a voice to individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, who do not have the ability to speak for themselves.

How does SafelyYou help?

SafelyYou’s AI video technology detects 99.5% of on-the-ground events and minimizes false alarms with only one false alert sent to the on-site team per camera every two years.

SafelyYou Reseponse Time

Why is Avista Senior Living partnering with SafelyYou?

Industry research says falls are the leading cause of both fatal and non-fatal injuries for older Americans:

Does SafelyYou really work?

Based on the results from a 2023 study that included all memory care residents who opted-in to the SafelyYou program at the Avista Senior Living communities, 23% of all falls were “silent”. The SafelyYou program allows the care teams to know about the fall and respond quickly, with the median response time to falls being recorded at under 1.3 minutes. 

91% of our memory care residents were opted-in to the program in 2023 across all Avista Senior Living communities. With the SafelyYou technology, 120,000 fall videos were reported, but our care teams were able to see that over 50% of falls incurred no injury, 38% of the reported falls were actually residents intentionally lowering themselves to the ground with no injury, and less than 1% of the falls reported resulted in an ER visit!

Median response time to residents detected on the ground = < 1.3 minutes

<1% of falls resulted in ER visits

23% of falls detected were “silent falls”

91% Opt-in

What are the benefits of living in a community with SafelyYou?

Response time to a fall
Less than 1% of falls are sent to the ER
23% of falls are silent
Extension of the community’s clinical team

At Avista Senior Living, our commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of our memory care residents is unwavering. Partnering with SafelyYou has allowed us to pioneer a revolutionary approach to fall prevention, transforming the landscape of senior care with cutting-edge AI video technology and a dedicated 24/7 remote clinical team.

Our comprehensive fall management program, fortified by SafelyYou’s expertise, has not only drastically reduced falls but has also empowered our care teams to respond promptly and effectively, ensuring the utmost care for our residents. With a median response time to falls recorded at under 1.3 minutes, we’ve successfully minimized the risk of delayed intervention, providing timely assistance when it’s needed most.

The real impact of our partnership is evident in the remarkable results from the 2023 study. With 91% of our memory care residents opting into the SafelyYou program, over 120,000 fall videos were analyzed, revealing that less than 1% of falls resulted in an ER visit. This groundbreaking technology has not only saved families from unnecessary stress, expenses, and trauma but has also allowed our care teams to differentiate between true falls and intentional actions, providing more accurate and personalized care plans.

Living in an Avista Senior Living community with SafelyYou means experiencing unparalleled benefits. From the rapid response to falls and the minimal ER visits to the ability to review each video for possible head injuries, our commitment to utilizing advanced technology extends to the heart of our clinical team. SafelyYou’s clinical fall experts complement our community staff, ensuring a holistic and proactive approach to fall prevention and intervention.

Join us at Avista Senior Living, where innovation meets compassion, and the safety and well-being of our residents are at the forefront of everything we do. Together with SafelyYou, we’re redefining senior care, one fall at a time.

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