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A Brief History of Riverside, CA

The area that became Riverside was inhabited by the Cahuilla and Serrano peoples, and Californios established ranches in the early 19th century. In the wake of a failed attempt to launch a silk farm, John W. North seized the opportunity to purchase the land and begin a temperance colony. The four saloons in Riverside were soon driven out by prohibitive license fees.

The citrus industry Riverside is famous for began when the first orange trees were planted in 1871. Those first trees were Brazilian navel orange trees sent to Eliza Tibbets by her friend in the USDA. One of those original trees still stands today, with a stone marker in Eliza’s honor.

Orange trees thrive in the climate of southern California, and the industry grew rapidly. In barely over a decade after Eliza got her trees, there were more than half a million citrus trees in California, nearly half of which were in Riverside. Refrigerated railroad cars and innovative irrigation systems turned Riverside into the richest city per capita in the whole country.

Avista Senior Living Magnolia Near Riverside, CA

Avista Senior living Magnolia is an inspiring assisted living community where you can experience the liberty of life on your own terms. Our community is full of all-natural light and garden views, with a lot of room to entertain and plenty of storage. Our gorgeous gathering areas and fun social activities supply a place for you to build relationships as well as discover brand-new skills. See just how we make each day meaningful at Avista.

Assisted living senior care in Corona, CA is quite close to independent living with an extra level of care. It provides help with cooking, house chores, personal care services, and medical care, such as regular health care checks and reminders to take medication.

Assisted living is designed for older adults who need assistance with regular daily activities to promote maximum independence. After retirement, seniors may be overwhelmed by an excessive amount of free time. All this spare time can be used to pursue passions or find new hobbies through programs and activities. These activities lower the risk of long-term cognitive decline.

See What Riverside Has to Offer!

There are so many beautiful places to see in the Riverside area to visit with your loved one. Check out the Mission Inn Museum and take a walking visit through all the types of architecture used to build this unique hotel. You’ll learn a ton about local history and see parts of the hotel that are closed to the public.

If you’re more interested in nature than architecture, Mount Rubidoux Park offers beautiful paved trails for hikers of different skill levels. You’ll see some truly breathtaking views. It’s also pet-friendly, so bring your dog and get some exercise and fresh air together!

History and nature meet at the California Citrus State Historic Park. Enjoy the smell of orange blossoms as you walk the trails of the beautiful grounds. There are amazing views here too!

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