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Reducing and Preventing Falls in Memory Care

The Summit at Sunland Springs is always looking for ways to better care for our residents. This constant search for excellence has led to community improvements such as the Enhance Protocol, fresh green smoothies, and beautiful garden towers. 

The latest innovation at The Summit helps protect their memory care residents. Executive director Kristie Stark started looking for proactive ways to help prevent falls. Her team’s research led them to Safely You, and the system has been in place for a few months now. “I don’t know how we operated without it before,” Stark says. 

According to the CDC, one in four adults over the age of 65 falls each year, making it the leading cause of injury for this age group. The Safely You system is working to lower this number. The fall-detection and fall-prevention system uses an impressive artificial intelligence algorithm to detect a resident’s body level in relation to the floor, using a 0-10 scale. When it senses a level 9-9.5, it triggers the system to notify staff that a resident is falling. When the system triggers, it sends a text directly to Stark and calls the community. “We are able to be there right away,” she says. 

The Safely You system doesn’t just help prevent falls, it also provides video footage to help provide answers as to what happened. “We do better when we know better,” says Stark. “Safely You helps us make better decisions for resident care.” By assessing each scenario, The Summit at Sunland Springs is able to make informed decisions for its residents.

Safely You adheres to strict privacy standards. There is no live streaming, no wearable devices, and no audio recording. All video not containing a fall is immediately deleted from the systemThe system only saves fall videos so that the community can assess the situation and provide better care and support for the resident going forward. 

The benefits? A reduced number of falls and improved response time by staff when falls do occur. Providing the Safely You system for memory care residents is just one of the many ways that The Summit at Sunland Springs is caring for seniors in Mesa, Arizona. Call us today to schedule a visit and learn more about the ways we can help you and your loved one.

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