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Who we are…

Evergreen Village in Prescott is a community dedicated to helping seniors live their best life. Our culture is embodied in our motto, “Where Kindness Counts!”. From every team member’s development to each aspect of resident care, we strive to enrich others’ lives through kindness.

Our Assisted Living Community in Prescott

Tucked into the foothills of historic Prescott and built into the surrounding hillside, our assisted living community is the perfect place to call home. You’ll feel the difference from the moment you walk in our doors. Our community offers a warm, welcoming setting with mile-high views of the surrounding mountains. As a locally-owned and operated community, we love to serve our seniors with the highest level of care. We know Prescott, Arizona, and are dedicated to serving our residents and their families.

We want to help you live your best life at Evergreen Village Prescott. Our goal is to meet the social, emotional, and physical needs of every resident. Our experienced staff members are experts in providing just the right amount of care. We are here to support not just our residents but every member of your family. This family-centered approach is just one of the things that set us apart. Visit us today to learn more and feel the difference for yourself.

What should I look for when choosing a senior living in Prescott, AZ?

1. Location location location

Often, the goal is to remain in the area to be near to loved ones. However, location also determines how the senior living community operates. For instance, some states limit how much medical assistance they can offer. If you need a substantial amount in those states, you might not be the ideal candidate for a senior assisted living community. Or you may think about taking a look at another state. If you’re pretty independent, states with those restrictions can work well for you since assisted living for seniors in those places tends to focus more on socialization than healthcare.

2. Size of Community

The smallest assisted living community in the U.S. has only four certified beds; the largest has practically 500. Size matters in different ways to various individuals, but what might matter more is the staff-to-resident ratio.

The general attitude of the trained staff is essential to consider. Ask yourself, ‘Does dealing with an older adult population appear to be their passion?’ Size can also impact the kinds of services offered. Larger communities are more likely to provide features like movie theaters or exercise rooms.

3. What Personal Care Services does Assisted Living for Seniors Provide?

Regular senior assisted living communities offer dining services, housekeeping, exercise, wellness programs, and medication management. Some provide tailored services based upon specific health requirements.

Many communities invest in programs that boost lifestyles, such as art and pet therapy, music therapy, computer programs, and community trips, amongst many many others.

4. Shifting from Assisted Living to Memory Care

Moving a loved one from independence to a senior assisted living residence can be difficult, so it’s natural to avoid thinking about the next move simultaneously. However, it is essential. We all have to pass through various life phases, and assisted living is one of them. We must consider the next step beyond assisted living.

5. Assisted Living Services and Cost

Affordability will make or break the decision of whether you should think about living in an assisted community. Most residents are paying through personal finances like savings, long-term care insurance, home equity life insurance, benefits for veterans, or some combination of resources.

6. Culture

It isn’t easy to know what it’s like to reside in an assisted living community until you do it. However, you can get an excellent idea if you first visit your possible choices. Today it’s simple to search the web and find something fast and quickly check it off the list. However, this is also where you or a loved one will live for the foreseeable future.

The most important action should be to check out the community in person, talk with the staff and residents, have a meal on-site, and get a sense of the environment.

We want to help you live your absolute best life at Evergreen Village in Prescott, AZ. We care about each and every one of our residents. We offer the best level of care on a social, emotional, and physical level. We are here to support elders in their new phase of life and provide peace of mind for their families.