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All about Peoria, Arizona

The initial settlement of the city of Peoria was in the 1880s. Peoria got its name because of the many early settlers who arrived in sunny Arizona directly from Peoria, Illinois. They were granted lands through the government’s Desert Lands Act. Settlers could claim one square mile of land for a small fee with a promise to irrigate within the next three years.   

Peoria’s history is wholly tied to water, its availability, and taming the arid desert. The settlers labored intensely to construct early canals.

Agriculture as well as gold and silver production growth at Vulture Mine increased traffic along this grain route. This route still exists today as Grand Avenue. 

By 1888, Peoria was finally on the map with its first U.S. Post Office for its population of 27. Soon a site was surveyed for the town, a well was dug, and a spur line of the Santa, Prescott, and Phoenix Railroad was placed in Peoria. The community grew, and the city was formally incorporated in 1954.

Today, regardless of the humble beginnings, Peoria continues to grow and prosper, with a population of more than 170,000.

Terra Pointe Memory Care near Peoria, Arizona

Terra Pointe Memory care specializes in caring for your loved one with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Terra Pointe’s goal is to make a meaningful difference in the lives of its residents and staff. 

We understand that finding a comfortable community for your aging loved one can be difficult. Elders deserve a place that addresses their needs, and you deserve the peace of mind knowing that your loved one is in well-trained, caring hands.

We offer a wide array of amenities and a great place to call home. We also offer respite care. We strive to provide excellent care and service to our beloved residents and their families. Please give us a call, or stop by for a visit. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Rio Vista Community Park and Rec Center by Terra Pointe Memory Care

Rio Vista Community Park and Recreation Center is a versatile, family-friendly facility with numerous amenities and programs and is only an eleven-minute drive from Terra Pointe Memory Care.  

The 52,000 square-foot Recreation Center boasts a public gymnasium, indoor racquetball courts, rock climbing wall, and so much more to help engage residents and promote the healthiest  of lifestyles.

Outdoor, the expansive grounds are well maintained with a skate park, volleyball pit, baseball, and soccer fields. Take a ride, jog or stroll on the 16.5 miles of paved walking paths along a small river and ponds often inhabited by families of ducks and geese.  

Do you have a large party to hold? No worries, there is a massive pavilion with plenty of tables and seating and even a grill for rental. There are plenty of children’s playgrounds, and restrooms are close.  

Come by the gated splash pad for kids if you are trying to beat the heat of summer. The littles are sure to cool off in a safe environment amongst friends. All in all, it is a beautiful, expansive park and modern recreational center with something for everyone. Don’t miss it.

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