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Avista Assisted Living retirement community offers residents a chance to maintain their independence while providing help in the areas they need. We believe in the power of allowing our residents to do as much for themselves as possible. Our community offers activities and friends to help make each day productive and fun.

What is Assisted Living and How Does it Work?

Assisted living communities provide personalized long-term senior care. In assisted living, seniors receive an apartment, meals, and all the support they need when they need it. It’s the best option for healthy elders who can manage daily life independently but benefit from just a bit of help with activities of daily living.

Assisted living in Phoenix, AZ, offers a safe environment where your loved ones can continue to have their independence but have support when they need it, even if those needs change. This means having more freedom to embark on new hobbies and engage in a vibrant social life.  

What is An Assisted Senior Living Community?

An assisted living community is a special place where seniors can live on-site and receive a high level of care and support (read more here). It is an empowering choice for older adults in good health who can manage life mostly independently.

Assisted Living in North Mountain amenities include:

  • Chef-prepared meals three times a day
  • Social and activity programs
  • Indoor hallway access to all apartments
  • Shopping trips and scenic drives
  • Transportation service
  • Supervised exercise program
  • Full-service hair salon and barbershop
  • Activity center and cozy library
  • Shaded outdoor gazebo
  • Covered, easy-to-access parking
  • Scenic mountain views

Read this review from, Leslie Clark one of our residents:

The best place I have ever lived in! I have been here for years and I hope to be here for the rest of my life! Everyone is so nice and I love being able to help with anything I can and I am also a resident ambassador here. Thank you Avista for making me feel like home!

What Does Assisted Living Provide?

A Place to Call Home

Our living areas are made especially for residents to call home. Spacious apartment layouts prioritize privacy to respect the dignity of each resident. We know the importance of social connections and strive to create friendships that support senior health and wellbeing.  

With assisted living, our restaurant-style dining services are available all day long. Our chefs produce gourmet, well-balanced meals full of flavor and nourishment.

Our residents’ personal needs are important to us. We work hard to ensure every resident has precisely what they need to live their best life—no more worrying about housekeeping, laundry, and maintenance. Imagine that! 

We Coordinate Care

We coordinate and provide transportation to and from appointments (read for more information). Our staff organize patient care activities and share information among all participants concerned to achieve safer and more effective care.

Personal Care Even If Needs Change

Knowing each of our residents helps us be ready and alert when needs change. We provide additional short-term care if an illness occurs, extra support to help regain strength and ability after an injury or operation, and tailor services to accommodate changing personal preferences. 

Compassionate Caregivers

Our fully trained staff members are available when residents need help, regardless of the time of day or night. We share a commitment to provide each person with the compassionate care they need to live independently.

Safety and Security

Keeping elders safe from falls is our top priority. Ramps, corridor handrails, heightened toilets, and bathroom grab bars all promote safety in our community..

Our community uses security companies and is furnished with alarms to provide the ultimate protection.

We are equipped with disaster plans and prepared staff in the case of an emergency. There is no more needing to worry about checking smoke detectors, installing carbon monoxide alarms, and replacing fire extinguishers. Our staff provides assistance and comfort in all alarming situations. 

When is it time for assisted living?

You should consider assisted living if you or the caregiver is becoming burned out and frustrated with the amount of care required. A determining factor for transitioning to assisted living is considering a person’s ability to complete activities of daily living. The main ADLs include:

  • Personal hygiene and grooming
  • Getting dressed and undressed
  • Mobility
  • Continence-related duties, including control and hygiene
  • Preparing food and feeding

If your loved one struggles with one or more activities of daily living, it may be a sign to begin the process for assisted living. Avista North Mountain is dedicated to making a meaningful difference in the lives of our residents and their families. Contact us for more information.