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Moving Mom: Tips To Help Guide You Through The Process

There comes a time in most people’s lives when they’re called on to help their aging loved ones, in one capacity or another. It may mean moving them in with you, helping them downsize, or a move to assisted living. In some cases, it makes the most sense to simply move closer to them and help with everyday needs. At Avista Senior Living, we love helping seniors in these types of situations. Many of our communities offer respite care and all of our communities are happy to talk with you and provide any other resources you might need.

Is It Time?

It can be tough for both you and your parents to make a decision of when independent living is no longer feasible or safe. Sometimes it’s a fall or a visit to the emergency room that necessitates a change; other times there may be a progression of dementia, or an increasingly difficult time managing activities of daily living like feeding and personal care. Sometimes older adults have a tough time maintaining their home and driving but can still live fairly independently with a little extra help and support. Every family’s situation is different.

Involve Your Parents

Ideally, you can involve your parents in the decision-making process. Ask them what they want, what they need, and what their preferences look like. Be honest about what can reasonably be done. If you’re still working or raising your own kids, your options may be limited. Request to accompany your loved ones on physician visits, and consider requesting power of attorney so you can help make decisions and take action on their behalf. Recognize that change can be difficult for older people, especially when it comes to the possibility of giving up independence. Listen with love and understanding.

Explore Your Options

There are a range of options families can choose from when an elderly relative needs extra attention. According to Daily Caring, you might hire in-home caregivers to help provide care in your loved one’s home or explore assisted living options.

Moving Closer

Some people opt to move in with or move closer to their parents rather than move their parents closer to them. This allows them to keep their same health care providers, friends, and social support systems while staying put in their own homes. Of course, this means relocating, which is a major life event in itself. You can make the process easier by hiring professional movers who can safely transport delicate and heavy belongings. Search, “furniture movers,” read reviews online, ask about discounts and deals, and get written estimates before choosing a provider.

Funding Your Choice

When it comes to financing your care options, you have a couple of different choices. Sharing a home with your loved one, either their current home or something smaller or less expensive, is one option. You could help them downsize and use the proceeds to fund the new home and have extra in reserve for care costs. Reverse mortgages and savings are other options. If your parents have a financial advisor, you might want to discuss the best options. According to the Administration for Community Living, the U.S. Division on Aging offers a variety of vetted resources to help you.

Elder care has both its challenges and its rewards, and all family needs are unique. Be honest and mindful of sensitivities and reach out for additional support for yourself as needed.

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