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Memory Care in Glendale, Arizona

assisted living memory care in glendale, arizona

WHEN OLDER LOVED ONES STRUGGLE to manage their typical activities of daily living at home, long-term care is the best solution. The biggest challenge is finding the right memory care community that gives them a sense of home, especially if your elderly parent is experiencing memory problems.

It is crucial to look at the needs and challenges the person you’re supporting is facing and pinpoint what is working and what isn’t working.

Read on to learn about two senior living types—assisting living and memory care—and how to determine the best care for your elderly parent.

What Is Assisted Living?

Assisted living is a long-term care community that allows seniors to be independent while providing help with daily tasks. It provides a small apartment, housekeeping, meals, and activities.

The best candidate for an assisted living community is someone who needs a bit of assistance with their daily living activities but still has their reasoning skills intact. Residents enjoy socializing, and activities with people their age, which helps with isolation after spouses and friends are no longer with them.

Assisted living residents often require a bit of personal care support but can communicate what they need. Residents may need help with taking medicine, bathing, toileting, and other activities of daily living.

What Is Memory Care?

Memory care communities are secured environments that cater to people with early stages through advanced stages of dementia. A memory care residence typically has smaller bedrooms but more open and inviting common spaces.

The way memory care communities are designed can help ease the often stressful transition from home to a memory care community. Soft colors, no clutter, and clear signage are familiar design touches in memory care.

The loss of memory and confusion can cause anxiety. Having a predictable routine day to day can help ease this anxiety. As dementia progresses, residents may forget how to do everyday activities of daily living, such as brushing their teeth, eating, showering, and dressing. Memory care communities have a high level of care that ensures residents living with Alzheimer’s and dementia get these needs met.

Typically, memory senior care has a smaller staff-to-patient ratio because dementia has more significant needs. Staff members often have additional training in dementia care as well.

Safety is a significant concern for people in memory care. Elders living with memory loss tend to wander at least once, and many do so repeatedly. Although wandering is common, it can be hazardous and is one of the main concerns that weigh most heavily on family members and caregivers.

Locked and alarmed doors secure memory care communities. We provide outside areas for residents to spend time but safely and securely.

Memory Care in Glendale, Arizona

At Terra Pointe, we offer memory care in Glendale, Arizona. Please visit us. We provide a thriving environment and excellent experience for our residents where kindness is at the core. We can’t wait to meet you.

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