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When Is It Time for Memory Care for Seniors Near Albuquerque?

THERE IS HELP for seniors in Albuquerque who are struggling with memory difficulties, in the form memory care facilities such as Avista Senior Living. It’s never easy to make the decision to put a loved one in a senior living community, and watching them slowly lose their memory is painful. You’re not alone in that pain. According to the CDC, 1 adult out of every 9 over the age of 45 begins to experience confusion or memory loss.

What Sets a Memory Care Facility Apart in Albuquerque?

A memory care facility caters specifically to residents with memory disorders such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, with the primary goal of enhancing their quality of life. They provide many of the same amenities you would expect in an assisted living community, but a memory care facility provides long-term help.

7 Signs It’s Time for Memory Care

There are several indicators that it might be time for memory care:

1. Behavioral Changes

A person living with a memory disorder might become anxious or irritated, and they may forget about daily chores and hygiene. They sometimes become more withdrawn and less sociable.

2. An Unhealthy Living Environment

Neglecting chores can be an especially worrying sign, because it can affect their health. Watch for spoiled food or trash piling up. Are they remembering to pay the bills?

3. Disorientation and Confusion

Dementia patients often experience confusion or disorientation. A fragile mental state leads to accidents and other unsafe situations. If your loved one is constantly putting their safety at risk (such as by forgetting how to drive or leaving the stove on), they should be in a memory care facility. This is often the first clue that something is wrong.

4. The Caregiver Is Overwhelmed

Taking care of a person with dementia or Alzheimer’s is challenging. Stress is inevitable, whether the caregiver is a family member or an in-home nurse. When the burden of overseeing the loved one gets overwhelming, that’s a sign, and the loved one can feel it too.

5. Incontinence

Incontinence becomes a big issue as memory starts to slip away. This is a huge task for the caregiver. It can be helpful to put the loved one in a memory care facility that’s trained to handle the issue.

6. Unsafe at Home

If an older parent or grandparent starts exhibiting weight loss, bruises, or difficulty standing, they should have more help. Alzheimer’s patients are prone to falls due to imbalance, which can cause broken bones and worse injuries. They may also leave their home, forget why and where they are, and become lost.

7. You Feel That It’s Time

Whether you see some of these signs or not, you’ll know something is wrong as you’re spending time around your older loved one. As difficult as the subject is, it’s better to raise it earlier than later so that they can get the help and care they need.

Your Loved One Deserves What Memory Care Offers

Dementia and Alzheimer’s are diseases that require specific care along with special training. Wanting to keep your loved one in a familiar environment is understandable, but it’s not everything. A memory care facility may be the best thing you can give them. Something important to realize is that their memory loss is just as frightening for them as it is for you. Giving them the proper care is a relief to all parties involved.

If you’re looking for a new place for your loved one to call home, we’re here for you at Avista Senior Living Albuquerque, where our team of professionals will treat your family like their own. Feel free to contact us to learn more.

Seniors struggling with dementia or Alzheimer’s deserve specialized care!

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