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What is Memory Care?

Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia at home is very difficult. You may want to consider memory care, a form of senior living that provides intensive, specialized care for aging adults with cognitive impairments.

Memory care is designed specifically to meet the unique needs of people with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Our communities personalize care for each resident based on the progression of their memory loss. Specially trained staff care for persons with dementia.

At Spring Gardens in Mapleton, Utah, we help lessen dementia symptoms. Our memory care assisted living community is designed with dedicated floors or wings to accommodate people living with memory loss. In addition, we have developed innovative senior living care plans for residents with Alzheimer’s and memory loss to meet their unique needs, spark memories, and provide comfort in those confusing times (read more here).


What Services Do Memory Care Communities Provide?

  • Medical Care and Medication Management. 
  • Trained Care Staff. Twenty-four-hour dementia care staff skillfully handle behavioral changes by personalizing their approach to each resident and making meaningful connections.
  • Safety and Security. Memory care communities are secured to keep residents safe and prevent wandering that can sometimes occur with memory loss.
  • Gourmet Restaurant Meals. We consider all dietary limitations. Our meals have increased essential nutrients, boost immunity, maintain hydration, and encourage healthy eating.
  • Social Activities and Programs. Activity programs encourage socialization and engagement.
  • Housekeeping and Laundry. Residents always have freshly laundered clothing and bed linens available in their clean apartments.
  • Transportation. If needed, staff accompany memory care residents outside of the community for medical appointments.


Benefits of Memory Care Communities

  • Life Enrichment Activities
  • Support for Families
  • Safety & Security
  • Dedicated Caregivers

Caring for a senior with early stages or advanced stages of Alzheimer’s requires a lot of patience, compassion, and creativity. People living with dementia can sometimes display behaviors that are not typical of their personality. Our trained and experienced staff can apply techniques to calm, redirect, and defuse behaviors. Our team builds close relationships with each resident, so they can skillfully anticipate behaviors and avoid triggers. 


What’s the Difference Between Memory Care and Assisted Living?

Both are long-term elderly care options, but seniors in memory care services need added security measures and uniquely trained staff to handle the behavioral symptoms of memory loss. Residents in a memory care community require higher levels of care than those in assisted living

Residents are encouraged to interact with each other throughout the day. However, residents with dementia may need a little more encouragement from care staff or different solutions to find ways to interact. For example, in memory care, many activities balance the physical to keep residents strong and mentally, with brain teasers and mental activities to exercise their memory and communication skills.


Is Memory Care Right for My Loved One?

It is complicated for family members to learn that their parents or loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Eventually, symptoms and behaviors change and worsen. If your loved one is diagnosed, it is best to research long-term care options as soon as possible (click here to learn more). 

Having your loved one participate in future decisions for a care community is helpful. They should have a say and feel comfortable in the community. Their move may not be today, but more than likely, they will need greater care in the future with the progression of their memory loss.

Caring for a loved one with memory loss is stressful to the primary caregiver’s health and quality of life. A loved one’s behaviors can be erratic and even violent. Forgetting to take their medication, to eat, what year it is, and even not recognizing you can be devastating. 

Seniors living with dementia are easily frustrated, anxious, sometimes stubborn, or paranoid. They can refuse to follow directions, change their clothes, or bathe. You might notice your loved one becoming agitated in the evenings due to sundowning or disrupted sleep patterns.

At Spring Gardens in Mapleton, Ut, our memory care community has the correct staff and training to handle any situation. Our community was designed to be comfortable and secure, so residents do not wander but have the freedom to move about. 

If your loved ones cannot care for themselves and you cannot provide the around-the-clock care and supervision they need, then give us a call. Schedule a complimentary visit to become better acquainted with our community. We look forward to meeting you.