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What is Assisted Living?

Seniors aging and changing circumstances often lead families to ask, “What is assisted living, and how does it work?”

Assisted living retirement communities provide personalized long-term care. Seniors in assisted living receive an apartment, meals, and all the support they need. It’s an ideal option for healthy elders who can manage daily life independently but benefit from help with activities of daily living like managing medications, using the restroom, bathing, dressing, grooming, or eating.

Spring Gardens in Mapleton, Utah, offers a safe and caring environment where your loved ones can maintain their independence, knowing they have support when they need it, even if those needs change. This extra support means having more freedom to enjoy new hobbies and engage in a vibrant social life.  

What is An Assisted Living Community?

The first step to understanding what assisted living, is to learn how it works. Assisted living is a specialized type of residential care where older adults live on-site and receive a high level of care and support. It can be a practical and an empowering choice for seniors in good health who can manage life mostly on their own but need help with activities of daily living (ADL).

Spring Gardens Assisted Living services:

  • Thoughtfully designed communities: Our communities feature professionally designed indoor and outdoor common areas, dining rooms, and spaces to gather. 
  • Gourmet style dining: Our residents get to select from a menu of delicious meals prepared by a professional culinary staff. 
  • Supportive staff: Our highly trained resident care staff, culinary and housekeeping teams work together to meet each resident’s unique needs. 
  • Coordinated health care: We work together with your healthcare team and provide transportation to and from appointments.
  • Housekeeping and linen service: More free time from daily chores means more freedom to do what you enjoy. 
  • Emergency response: Our apartments include a medical alert and emergency response system. 
  • Life enrichment: Our Assisted Living community puts senior’s health and wellbeing first. We enrich lives with stimulating programs and activities that speak to residents’ unique interests. 

What Does Assisted Living Provide?

The Comforts of Home

Spring Gardens was designed with comfort in mind. Our living spaces are made especially for residents to call home. Apartment layouts prioritize privacy to respect the dignity of each resident. Every day, a professional culinary staff prepares delicious and nutritious meals that are served with a smile.

Our residents’ personal needs are important to us. We work hard to ensure every resident has what they need to live their best life. We take care of housekeeping, laundry, and maintenance. We know the importance of social connections and strive to create friendships that help support senior health and wellbeing. 

We Coordinate Care

If residents require specific medical support, such as physical therapy, dental care, or specialists, we coordinate and provide transportation to and from appointments. Our resident care and nursing staff are dedicated to responding to our residents’ medical needs.

Personal Care Even If Needs Change

Knowing our residents individually helps us to be ready and alert when needs change. That can mean providing additional short-term care if an illness occurs, extra support to help regain strength and ability after an injury or operation, or tailored services to accommodate changing personal preferences. 

Compassionate Caregivers

Personal care can mean several things. Our fully trained staff members are available when residents need help with everything from incontinence and medication management to grooming, dressing, and more. This also means striving to provide opportunities for social engagement and connection. We share a commitment to provide our residents with the compassionate care they need to live independently.

When is it time for assisted living?

If family members or the caregiver are becoming burned out and frustrated with the amount of care required, it is time for assisted living. The determining factor for whether assisted living is necessary is considering a person’s ability to complete activities of daily living. The main ADLs include:

  • Personal hygiene and grooming.
  • Dressing and undressing.
  • Mobility.
  • Continence-related duties (including control and hygiene).
  • Preparing food and feeding

If you or your loved one struggles with one or more activities of daily living, it may be a sign to begin the process of assisted living. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, or even better, schedule a complimentary visit.  We look forward to meeting you.