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A little assistance goes a long way. Our assisted living in Corona, CA, is a residential care retirement community for those who want to maintain independence but need a little extra help each day. We believe in the power and dignity of allowing our residents to do as much for themselves as possible, and our experienced staff members are here 24/7 to help when needed.

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Let us put your mind at ease by taking care of housekeeping, dining, medication management, and any other needs. We want each of our senior living community residents and their families to feel right at home. We are here to help make things a little easier and help you live your best life.

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living senior care in Corona, CA is quite close to independent living with an extra level of care. It provides help with cooking, house chores, personal care services, and medical care, such as regular health care checks and reminders to take medication. Assisted living is designed for older adults who need assistance with regular daily activities to promote maximum independence.

What are the benefits of assisted living?

Community living keeps life exciting. After retirement, seniors may be overwhelmed by an excessive amount of free time. All this spare time can be used to pursue passions or find new hobbies through programs and activities. These activities lower the risk of long-term cognitive decline.

Assisted living services offer many activities that appeal to everyone:

    • Delicious, restaurant-style dining
    • Close to local restaurants and shopping
    • Social and activity programs
    • Transportation service
    • Supervised exercise program
    • Full-service hair salon and barbershop
    • Outdoor courtyard
    • Activity center
    • Game lounge
    • Cozy library
    • Chapel

No More Loneliness. Assisted living residents are less likely to feel lonely when they spend time with friends and peers. Loneliness can be detrimental to minds and bodies.

Our community offers social outlets for all personalities. Your loved one will be sure to find new acquaintances to share similar interests.

Safety and Security. Rest assured that your loved one is safe and secure in a kind environment. Keeping seniors safe from falls is a priority for our assisted living communities.

Our accommodation is designed for accessibility and mobility. Ramps, hallway handrails, raised toilets and bathroom grab bars all reduce the likelihood of an accident.

Dining Services. Your loved one may have specific nutritional needs. Living alone and preparing healthy, balanced meals puts a lot of pressure on seniors and their family members.

With assisted living near Los Angeles, our gourmet restaurant-style dining services are provided and available all day long. Our chefs produce healthy meals full of flavor and nutrition to save seniors and their families from the stress of creating specialized diets.

When is it time for assisted living?

The main sign that determines when it is time for assisted living is when you or the caregiver is becoming burned out and frustrated with the amount of home care required. The determining factor for whether your loved one can’t continue to live independently is considering their ability to complete activities of daily living. The main ADLs include:

    • Personal hygiene and grooming
    • Getting dressed and undressed
    • Mobility
    • Continence-related duties, including control and hygiene
    • Preparing food and feeding

If you or your loved one struggles with one or more activities, it is a good sign to begin the process for an assisted living home. Please don’t hesitate to contact us or schedule a visit.

We can help manage medications, assist with dress and grooming, and provide friendship to our residents. Every resident also benefits from the fun activities that help make each day productive and meaningful.