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815 W 700 N
Lindon, UT 84042
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We believe every meal should be an enjoyable experience in our Lindon senior living community. With that goal in mind, our friendly dining staff provides first-class service with every delicious meal in our restaurant-style dining room. Open daily from 7:30am to 7:00pm, we offer sit-down service with a variety of options, including daily specials and cooked-to-order meals.

Relax and enjoy fresh food, a pleasant atmosphere, and our signature non-stop service. Visitors are welcome and encouraged to stay and enjoy a meal with our residents. Our location is convenient for family members who live in the areas of Vineyard and Pleasant Grove.

Engaging Senior Living Activities in Lindon

In addition to our incredible dining experience, Spring Gardens in Lindon, Utah also offers social opportunities inside and outside our community. Our residents take art lessons, watch new release movies in our theater, and enjoy treats in our ice cream parlor. We’ve hosted hot air balloon rides and BYU’s dance teams as well as fun family events like petting zoos and carnivals. These experiences build each resident’s confidence and sense of belonging.

Our amenities include:

  • All-day, restaurant-style dining
  • Fun common areas like the ice cream parlor and movie theater
  • Spacious bathrooms with ample storage
  • Excellent programming and activities
  • Safe, kind environment
  • Fun activities

Come visit Spring Gardens and feel the difference for yourself!


Spring Gardens appears to go the extra mile when it comes to comforts for their residents.” – Rich and Lou Ann G.