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5 Ways to Choose the Best Independent Living Near Me

independent living near me

Independent Living Near Me | Heber City, UT

Today’s seniors have plenty of options for choosing an Independent Living community. When you have many to choose from, it helps to have a system to compare each independent living community. Research is key!

Not only do you need to compare community features, but you also need to do some introspection and decide what is wanted most from a community. Knowing your desires and priorities helps narrow the search and keeps you focused on what matters to you.

Five Major Points to Consider

Each person searching for an Independent Living community has different priorities and features they’re looking for. Some independent living aspects can make a big difference to a resident’s overall satisfaction. In addition to the features you desire, do not forget to consider the following as you compare each community:

#1 Location Location Location: Even if you choose a beautiful place with all the amenities you could ever imagine, the location still matters. Consider the surrounding neighborhood. Are there local shops, restaurants, banks, and places of worship in the area? Is there public transportation available, or do you need a car to get around in your community? 

For most seniors, being close to family members is essential. Is it convenient for weekly visits? In that case, the good idea is to Google ‘independent living near me‘ to find the closest communities in the area you already live. 

If you want a destination retirement, location will play an even more prominent role because you’re choosing to relocate somewhere you might not be familiar with. In this situation, you’ll want to find out as much as you can before about the areas before choosing a community. 

#2 Services and Amenities: What a community can offer for your monthly fee can determine a lot about your quality of life. Most Independent Living communities include home maintenance and weekly housekeeping for no extra cost. 

After these basic services, each community could be very different. Some Independent Living communities do not have meals as part of their fee. Others might charge separately for additional services. As you compare, consider not just what services are offered, but whether they’re included in your fee.

Some of the popular services that Independent Living communities offer include 

  • dining options
  • concierge services
  • laundry service
  • hair salon
  • scheduled transportation to appointments
  • fitness centers
  • guest lecturers
  • social activities

#3 Dining: Dining makes a big difference in the quality of life. A good dining program full of fresh, healthy food adds enormous value to your life. 

As you compare senior housing communities, don’t only ask about their dining options, but experience them yourself. Schedule each visit during the mealtimes. Try several menu options to get a feel for what your daily experience could be.

#4 Care Approach: If you’re looking into a community that offers continuing care, such as Assisted Living or Memory Care, evaluate these services as well. One of the biggest benefits of moving to a Continuing Community is that there are many levels of care, and you won’t have to move again. Do not disregard these services until you need them.

Even if you’re moving into an Independent Living community, find out as much as you can about their additional lifestyle living options and their approach to care. No one knows what the future holds, so it helps to ensure, should you require additional care down the road, you’ll be satisfied with the senior care services you receive.

#5 Atmosphere: As you search for the right fit, ask yourself: Do the values of this community match my own? Are the residents kind people that I’d like to spend time with? Do I feel at home? Do I see myself being happy here for years to come? 

Sometimes, a community meets all your desires on paper but does not feel right in person. Every community has a different atmosphere, usually determined by the staff and residents. It is impossible to know what a community feels like until you visit. Please don’t make any final decisions or commitments until you see each community.

Spring Gardens is the Best Independent Living Near Me

Choosing an Independent Living community is a personal journey that you and your family lead. Suppose you’re searching for the best independent living community in Heber City, Utah, to suit your desired lifestyle. In that case, Spring Gardens Senior Living Community can help. Contact us today to learn how to assist you in your Independent Living search.


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