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Exciting Independent Living for Seniors in Mapleton and Springville

EMPTY NESTERS AND retirees looking for an easier lifestyle can find one by moving to an independent living style senior community. These communities are also commonly labeled as 55+ or retirement communities. What makes communities like this different from other types of senior arrangements such as nursing homes or assisted living communities?

Differences Between Independent and Assisted Living

The main purpose of an independent living community for seniors is combining convenience with independence. The residents in these communities don’t require assistance with their daily activities or full-time help from skilled nurses. However, they do enjoy the benefits of basic housekeeping and dining services, emergency alert systems, and amenities like clubhouses and spas.

An Active Senior Community for Mapleton and Springville

A great attraction of independent senior communities is the social scene! Residents enjoy socializing with their peers and are given many enjoyable activities to participate in with friends and neighbors. It’s a great solution for those seeking to downsize after all the kids have moved out. Housing in an independent living community varies greatly, with everything from detached homes to apartment living to consider.

Who Is a Candidate for Independent Living?

Independent living facilities are best suited for older adults who require little to no assistance with their activities of daily living. However, they may be starting to feel the strain of taking care of their existing home. Needing occasional medical help doesn’t disqualify someone, but it won’t be provided with the facility’s amenities.

Myths About Independent Living

There are a few common myths we hear about independent living. A popular one is that moving to one of these communities means losing independence. The whole purpose of an independent living community is preserving independence. The way we do this is by making life easier for seniors. Instead of spending time on household chores, they’re free to stay active in more fulfilling ways.

Another myth is that there will not be anyone around to provide help during an emergency. In fact, the staff is ready and able to provide help. There are also plenty of safety features and conveniences to help residents feel secure, especially if they live alone.

The third myth we hear a lot is that independent living means sacrificing hobbies and interests. These facilities offer wide ranges of activities and social events tailored to the needs of the residents. You might discover that you have more time for your hobbies and interests than ever.

If you know of any other popular ideas about independent living, we’d love to hear about them. If they are myths, we want to set the record straight, but if they are true, we’re happy to confirm them.

Learn More About Senior Independent Living

Discover a whole new world of possibilities with independent living. Get in touch with us to learn more about the amenities we offer at our Mapleton senior living community. Follow this link to see where our facilities are located.

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