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Independent Living in Mapleton | Debunking Myths

independent living in Mapleton

Independent Living in Mapleton – Spring Gardens Senior Living

When you are getting close to retirement, you often begin to consider how you would like to spend your days. While researching, you may find an array of both facts and myths about moving to an independent living community. The difference can sometimes be hard to make out, as each person’s experiences are different. Let’s take this time to separate the myths from reality to make your search as straightforward as possible.

The internet is full of positive and negative opinions about everything you could possibly consider, including Independent Living communities. But it’s essential when you do your research to evaluate your wants instead of settling on a community that may not be the right fit for you.

Let’s debunk 10 Myths About Independent Living Communities.

Keep an open mind when starting your search for an Independent Living community. We have written down ten myths we would like to debunk to help you begin your search on the right foot.

Myth #1 – Independent Living communities make you age. These days we all know that seniors expect far more than they ever did before. Seniors want to be involved, engaged, and fulfilled in their retirement. 

At Spring Gardens Independent Living in Mapleton, we create a lifestyle geared towards active seniors. Social engagement gained in an independent living community keeps you healthier and independent longer than staying in your own house.

Myth #2 – Home care is better. This is the biggest myth in Independent Living and couldn’t be further from the truth. Seniors who remain at home tend to suffer from depression or become disengaged, contributing to a rapidly declining health. Those who decide to remain at home will eventually have health needs that change. 

Myth #3 – The lifestyle is depressing. Independent living communities are far from the institutional centers 50 years ago. These days, Independent communities are not only sophisticated and warm but provide an array of services, stimulating programs and activities, and luxury amenities.

Myth #4 – Your health will suffer. When seniors move into Independent Living communities, they enjoy a vast range of wellness programs and fitness classes to continue improving their health and overall well-being. 

Myth #5 – The food is basic and dull. Many senior living communities have an incredible style of dining that offers fresh, delicious meals for residents each day. At Spring Gardens in Mapleton, we provide a restaurant-style culinary experience featuring the latest trends and gourmet techniques. 

Myth #6 – Opportunities for growth disappear. In independent Living, your growth continues, just as it should. Residents can attend on and off-campus classes and events and continue their learning journey.

Myth #7 – You lose your freedom to come and go as you desire. When you move to an independent living community, your time is entirely your own, just as it is now. You have the freedom to use your time as you please. Freedom actually increases as you decrease the time needed for daily chores. 

With 24/7 onsite security, housekeeping, and linen services, your time is yours to enjoy the surrounding community. So go on a trip and feel confident knowing your home and belongings are secure and clean without lifting a finger. 

Myth #8 – If your health needs change, you’ll have to move. At Spring Gardens independent living in Mapleton, you have the peace of mind that as your needs change, you will always have the level of care you require without moving. We not only offer independent living, we offer memory care and assisted living communities too.

Myth #9 – I won’t have any privacy. There are many opportunities for solitude. With your private apartment, secluded dining areas, and outdoor retreats, you can enjoy as much privacy as possible. Independent Living is often described as having a small-town feel.

Myth #10 – There is so much that costs extra. Your initial fee and monthly payment include your private apartment, meals, programming, scheduled transportation, health care, and more. Any additional services are solely for your enjoyment. Very little is not covered, helping you spend more of your resources on what makes you happy.

Come Visit Spring Gardens Independent Living in Mapleton, UT.

We provide a vibrant, active, and social senior care lifestyle. Spring Gardens in Mapleton offers Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care. We provide you or your loved one the exact level of care needed at the right time. 

If you would like to learn more about what makes independent living in Mapleton different, stop by for a visit. We would love to meet you and answer any questions you may have. Come by for a visit – we think you’ll feel the difference the moment you enter the door.

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