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Senior’s Environment in Memory Care, Sun City West

avista sun city west memory careHaving memory loss from Alzheimer’s and dementia is disorienting, confusing, and even frightening for the individual experiencing it. That’s why the environment is such an important factor in senior memory care.

A positive and soothing memory care environment plays a significant role in a resident’s overall well-being and quality of life. Because of the nature of these cognitive diseases, creating a positive environment isn’t as easy as it sounds. Making the environment conducive to senior’s comforts and needs can reinforce their well-being and help them feel more confident and happy.

What impact does the environment have on memory issues?

Because dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are degenerative, environments that were once familiar can suddenly become foreign. For example, too much noise can be overwhelming. Shadows may look frightening, and rugs can seem like empty holes in the floor.

When a person with memory loss becomes agitated, everything becomes overwhelming, leading to disruptive behaviors. People with dementia may wander if they don’t feel safe in their environment. Some seniors with dementia may even become physically aggressive.

How to make an environment positive for someone in memory care?

A positive memory care living community is a place that feels comfortable to your loved ones and meets their unique needs. Memory senior living like Avista is designed to look like homes. Walkways and living areas are spacious and easy to navigate with directional cues to help residents feel comfortable and confident in their space.

Specially trained staff members are available 24/7 and regularly provide interaction, engagement, and assistance with personal care. Read below for some other features that create a positive environment in a memory care community:

  • A specialized care plan that considers your loved one’s preferences and routines
  • Meals served at smaller tables to encourage conversation and interaction
  • Open spaces that are well lit and easy to navigate
  • Adequate privacy and comfortable rooms
  • Discreet medical care available at all times
  • Common areas and bathrooms equipped with safety features like pull bars
  • Soft, familiar music – studies have shown that music can stimulate parts of the brain that have been unaffected by the disease.

Although a positive environment can’t reverse the effects of dementia, it will lift the spirits of your loved ones and fulfill their lives. An assisted living community that supports senior’s safety, independence, and health will allow them to have a sense of control. It gives your loved one with dementia a better quality of life for as long as possible.

Check out this review from Hilda Anali Galvan:

This place is absolutely incredible ! all the staff are so kind to my mother and she genuinely is happy there. Its never easy to place our loved ones in a nursing home but my family and I feel we made the right choice with this place.

At Avista Memory Care in Sun City West, we pride ourselves on the excellent home environment and community we create for our residents. Our home is designed to soothe, support, and comfort our memory care residents in the most positive environment with the highest level of care.

If you are looking for a memory care community for a loved one and like to know more about Sun City West, AZ., please contact us.

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