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All about Chandler, Arizona

In 1891, Dr. Alexander John Chandler bought 80 acres of land from the federal government in the Salt River Valley. Dr. Chandler was fascinated with the new science of irrigation engineering and was instrumental in building an early system of canals.

Ten years later, Dr. Chandler owned an 18,000-acre ranch. The charter of the Salt River Project would only allow each landowner to obtain enough water to irrigate onto a mere 160 acres. Because of this, Dr. Chandler chose to subdivide his ranch and advertise the sale of his Chandler Ranch lots on a national level.

In May of 1912, trains brought 300 potential buyers to visit Chandler Ranch. Being well ahead of his time and prepared, Dr. Chandler posted billboards marking the site of an elegant Hotel. He envisioned landscaped parks and businesses, grassed golf courses, and a trellis-covered walkway supported by colonnades. He sold his vision and made $50,000 for land purchases that day.

Chandler, AZ, incorporated on Feb. 16, 1920, with Dr. A.J. Chandler chosen as the president of the Town Council and first mayor.

Living and Working in Chandler

The City of Chandler has experienced exponential growth, ranking among the fastest-growing municipalities in the country. Residential areas quickly replaced former agricultural plots. This growth was fueled by manufacturing plants in the 1990s, such as Microchip, Motorola, and Intel.

But no worries, the heart of Chandler remains the same. The historic downtown has been revitalized and includes the award-winning Chandler City Hall and the Chandler Center for the Arts. Chandler was named as an All-America City by the National Civic League in 2010. 

Summit at Sunland Springs near Chandler, AZ

Summit at Sunland Springs assisted living community delivers compassion, dignity, and respect by well-trained staff. Our goal is to help our resident’s lives as complete and comfortable as they can be.

Our staff takes the time to get to know you, your family, your humor, your career, and your health concerns – basically everything that makes you, you. We are there for you when you need us, and you have personal space when you need that too! 

If you need full support every day, just a little help now and then, or would enjoy the companionship of others, we tailor the care to your needs. The Summit at Sunland offers an excellent resident experience in a vibrant community. Kindness is at our core.

Arizona Railway Museum and the Summit at Sunland Springs

Grab the whole family and come and explore the Arizona Railway Museum, your one-stop for antique locomotives and railway artifacts. This unique museum is less than a 25-minute drive from the Summit at Sunland Springs.    

The Arizona Railway Museum celebrates the glory days of local and long-distance rail travel. Discover the encased beauty and life aboard a western-bound train. Check out the beautiful displays of luxurious RailRoad dining car china. Experience being an engineman in the cab of a diesel locomotive and get your chance to blare the massive horn. 

An incredibly knowledgeable and passionate volunteer staff is always available. Once you step inside, you are immediately taken back in time. So all aboard, destination Arizona Railway Museum. Don’t miss this hidden gem that is sure to make a locomotive fan out of every one of us.  

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