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What to Know Before Moving into a Memory Care Community

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A professional diagnosis of memory loss can be difficult to handle for both the patient and the family. Diseases that affect memory can be a challenge for everyone involved. Once diagnosed, seniors may need emotional support as well as help with everyday living activities.

Assisted living and memory care communities have many of the same features including common areas, communal meals, apartment-style living, and assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) such as bathing, dressing, and eating.

The features specifically designed for residents with cognitive impairments make memory care communities different. In these secure environments, residents are provided 24/7 care and supervision. Many of these communities have security systems in place to prevent residents from wandering off. Memory care communities also focus on keeping residents’ minds sharp, with daily activities focused on maintaining their skills as long as possible while stimulating awareness.

Memory Care at Spring Gardens Holladay

At Spring Gardens Holladay, it is our goal to give residents the best quality memory care and make families comfortable knowing that their loved ones are getting the care they need in a caring environment. In our memory care community, residents can engage in the activities they love with a variety of amenities, safety and security measures in place, and open living spaces to reduce confusion.

If you have questions about our memory care, give us a call and we will be happy to answer them.


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