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The Incredible Benefits of Lifelong Learning in Senior Living

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Senior Living and Continuing Education in Prescott

By the time we retire, we may think that our years of learning new things are far behind us. But the ability to learn new things doesn’t diminish with age. The learning potential continues to expand because your brain never stops growing as long as you continue to use it. 

Many elders have discovered the incredible benefits of lifelong learning in their senior living community. Whether through formal courses, or independent study, continuing education and learning new hobbies allow seniors to experience greater well-being and quality of life.

At Evergreen Village Senior Living community in Prescott, we dedicate ourselves to helping our residents engage in a stimulating environment. We commit to creating opportunities that lead to personal growth. Continued learning helps keep the mind sharp and provides a way to connect with others and develop new meaningful relationships.

Lifelong Learning 

Being a lifelong learner doesn’t necessarily mean enrolling in formal education. It means adding any task that challenges your thinking and requires regular engagement. Lifelong learning is expanding your knowledge and skills through creative, stimulating activities and even sharing what you know with others. Read below for some examples of lifelong learning activities:

  • Developing new skills such as sewing, cooking, painting, or public speaking.
  • Self-taught study like learning a new language or researching a topic of interest.
  • Learning a new sport like yoga, tai chi, or a new dance step.
  • Learning new technology like Zoom, Roku, or the iPad.
  • Acquiring new knowledge by taking a course online or in your community.

Benefits to Learning for Seniors

Seniors truly have advantages when it comes to lifelong learning. Having completed schooling and a career, the options and opportunities to learn are endless. Read below for some of the benefits seniors experience when they continue learning:

  • Follow your passion – Nothing is holding you back from learning what you’re interested in anymore. You have the freedom to pursue those things you’ve always been passionate about but never had the time for.
  • Stay mentally sharp – Learning new things increases our cognitive health as we form stronger connections within the brain. Studies show that increased mental activity associated with acquiring new knowledge, thinking critically, and applying new information to life can slow down cognitive decline. Seniors who actively engage in mental stimulation are almost three times less likely to develop dementia than those who do not.
  • Social connections – When we retire, we no longer see coworkers daily. It can be easy to become isolated at home. When we continue learning, we create opportunities to meet others that share our interests. 

We are dedicated to creating new opportunities for seniors to experience the greatest joys in life while taking proactive steps toward excellent health and happiness. Continued learning is just one of the many ways we promote the best senior lifestyles we can imagine for our residents.

Inspiring Wellness Everyday 

Life learning goes beyond personal development and joy. Continuing to learn in assisted living has incredible health benefits too. 

  • Reduced risk of memory loss. 
  • Cognitive improvement.
  • Improved self-esteem. 
  • Practical life skills. 

There is no better time to learn something new than in senior living. Not only do seniors have plenty of free time, but they no longer have the mental stimulation from a job. To keep the mind healthy and sharp, we must continue challenging our brains to learn new things. So stay curious and continue challenging the way you think. The benefits for seniors are too good to pass by.

At Evergreen Village in Prescott, we make it easy for residents to participate in senior learning opportunities. Brain games, bridge clubs, mahjong, guest lectures, musical performances, and cultural outings are just some ways residents stay sharp. 

The loss or decline of cognitive ability is something many people worry about as they grow older. But if you continue to use your brain, you won’t lose your ability to think, reason, and make intelligent decisions. 

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At Evergreen Village, we aim to enrich the lives of those we serve through quality and compassionate care in beautiful Prescott, Arizona. We are a community that offers senior care services to active residents. We offer worry-free living options filled with ways to connect with others, pursue their passions, and engage in everyday life. We strive to provide only the best programs and services that inspire well-being and independence. 

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