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Senior Living Activities for Fall

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Basking in the autumn weather and festivities is the best way to enjoy this time of year. And for seniors, getting creative, spending time outdoors, and making memories with loved ones is especially important as it gets into the holidays. At a senior living community, seniors are guaranteed to enjoy the many senior living activities provided during the fall time.

The team at Avista Downtown Mesa takes pride in the seasonal activities we provide for our residents. Here are three of the senior living activities we organize for autumn:

  • Trunk or Treat: The annual Trunk or Treat event is one of the best activities of the year! Our community care partners go all out to support our seniors, their family, and their friends during this fun Halloween event. Trunks of cars get decorated for Halloween and we play interactive games, enjoy yummy treats and mysterious witch’s brews, and dress up in our best costumes!
  • Outdoor Excursions: Even if it’s just going across the street to the park, our residents love spending time outside in the cool autumn breeze. Organizing a picnic, soaking up the sunshine, and socializing are some of the best parts of the season.
  • Cozy Parties: These parties aren’t wild and crazy, just cozy for our seniors who want some fun and social downtime. They get to enjoy their great friends and delicious food while getting into the holiday spirit. The fall decorations are what really make the evening special.


The holidays can be one of the loneliest times of the year for seniors who live alone. Seniors can get their lives back and celebrate the holidays when they move into a senior living community. Avista Downtown Mesa is located right in the heart of Mesa’s historic district. We offer a myriad of services and amenities each day in a community where residents feel like family.

Schedule a tour with us today to see if our community could be the right fit for your loved one.


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