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What is a Normal Day Like in Assisted Living?

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Transitioning into assisted or independent living can feel quite drastic, especially if your loved one is unsure about a different daily schedule. If you think assisted living could be helpful; you’re probably curious about how your loved ones will spend their time in senior care. Read on to discover all the different activities your aging loved one participates in when they live in assisted living in the Prescott area

During an average day as an assisted living resident, your loved one receives the amount of help they need to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Each resident receives personalized care specific to their needs. However, most days follow a standard schedule. Let’s look at a typical day in a senior living community. 

In the Morning 

Healthy Morning, Healthy Start

In assisted living in Prescott, older adult residents wake up when they like and get the level of care services they need. Suppose your loved one needs help with activities of daily living, such as getting dressed or medication management. In that case, our caring staff members will be there. After getting ready, residents are welcome to have a healthy breakfast in our restaurant-style dining room to eat with friends. 

Morning Activities

After breakfast, if they choose, residents can participate in classes or activities. Assisted living communities emphasize one’s physical and emotional spirit by creating a fun and stimulating environment. 

At Evergreen Village, we provide transportation to activities off-campus, such as museums and theaters. Residents are also fond of going for walks, catching up on their favorite books in the library, or enjoying a trip to the salon.

In the Afternoon

Lunching With Friends

In the afternoon, residents enjoy lunch whenever it is convenient for them. They typically like connecting with their friends and relaxing in their favorite garden spot. 

Lunch is commonly eaten in the dining room. Often, prospective residents and their families tour the community and join in for a typical lunch experience. The menu is different each day and offers a variety of healthy choices, so your loved one will always have a nutritious and balanced meal. 

Afternoon Visits and Activities

All parts of the day are flexible, but the afternoon is often the most popular time for your loved ones to explore their hobbies or spend time with family and friends. Please visit your loved one and go for a walk, catch up in the garden, or participate in afternoon activities with the other residents. 

Mental exercise is vital for aging loved ones. Our engagement team often encourages participation in card games, puzzles, and interactive activities. 

In the Evening

Nutritious Dinner

It is time to wind down in the evening. Your loved one will participate in a routine that prepares the mind and body for a restful night of sleep.

Friends often chat about their days during dinner, or family members can join for a meal. Team members often converse with residents throughout the dining room, so no one feels alone. Engaging in conversation, making new friends, and reviewing the day are great ways to exercise the resident’s brain and memory

Your loved one has many healthy options for dinner prepared by our in-house chef. Comfort foods like lasagna and roasts frequently appear, along with nutritious fruits, vegetables, and proteins.

Prepare for a Good Night’s Rest

After dinner, residents can participate in other social activities, or they may choose to wind down in their rooms. Friendly caregivers are available to help your loved one with showering, evening medications, and any other necessary bedtime preparations.

Residents often like reading, completing crossword puzzles, watching TV, or doing whatever else they prefer before bedtime. Having a daily routine and participation in activities helps residents settle quickly into an assisted living community. And when they participate in a full day of activities, exercise, and socialization, it fosters better sleep and happier moods. 

Visit Assisted Living in Evergreen Village, Prescott, AZ.

There are regular schedules in assisted living, but there is never a dull day. Routines help sharpen memory, but each daily schedule is flexible to fit your loved one. 

At Evergreen Village, we encourage independence and family and friend visits too! You are free to visit your loved one whenever you can. You can even add excitement to your day by participating in community activities.

If you’re considering assisted living for your aging loved one, feel free to contact Evergreen Village in Prescott, Arizona. We can help answer any questions you may have and set up a tour so you can experience a day in our fantastic community. 

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