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Debunking Common Misconceptions About Assisted Living Communities

There are more senior care options than ever before, from independent living to assisted living to home care to memory care. While it is great to have various levels of care available to meet the needs of all kinds of seniors, sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. These feelings of anxiety and being overwhelmed can lead to miscommunications and misunderstandings about what senior living is all about.

And that’s a problem.

Myths surrounding senior living communities don’t help older adults and their loved ones navigate the process of finding the best long-term care communities and services possible, which can hinder quality of life for all involved. We think that needs to change, and the best way to do just that is to dispel some of the most common myths about what assisted living communities (and other senior living options) are like. This way, older adults, their caregivers, and their family members can make informed decisions about the care services that work best for their unique situations.

Common Myths About Assisted Living

Myth #1 – Moving into an assisted living facility means no more privacy or independence.

Reality: Not true! Adult children of aging parents who need help with daily tasks often fail to realize how much this myth can hold their senior loved ones back. In many cases, making the move to assisted living can improve the emotional and physical well-being of parents and children alike.

At Avista Senior Living communities, residents enjoy private rooms with the support of trained caregivers who are always nearby to provide help if or when they are needed. They only provide the level of assistance each resident wants and needs to help them maintain their safety without ever compromising their independence.

Myth #2 – Assisted living is just too expensive for anyone but ultra-wealthy retirees.

Reality: Nope! This one might seem believable, but it’s important to look at the big picture.

Add up all the expenses of senior care services and living costs for your older loved one, and then compare that to the monthly fee of an assisted living community. Consider the amenities that the assisted living communities in the Avista network offer, such as help with activities of daily living (e.g., medication management), wellness classes, and arts and crafts workshops. Your loved one can’t access these services and amenities at home, not to mention just how much comfort and independence these services can help residents achieve in a supportive environment.

For many people, assisted living can be a value-based solution. This fact is true even for those who have paid off their mortgage, as they can still incur many expenses to maintain a home that they are less and less able to enjoy due to responsibilities like paying utilities, maintaining the yard, and more. All of these costs add up quickly, even without adding the cost of an expensive in-home care provider, which was around $24/hour in 2020.

To us, the choice is clear: a senior living community can offer real value and peace of mind for all involved.To see it for yourself, click here to print this price comparison worksheet to see how affordable senior living can be for you or your loved one.

Myth #3 – Residents have to participate in social events like bingo.

Reality: Not true! Although, it’s true that we encourage residents to socialize and avoid becoming sedentary, they are never forced to attend any of the engaging activities on our social calendar. Events like bingo are simply popular in many communities, but bingo is not the only option available. Seniors can choose from a wide array of activities and workshops to participate in, whether they are social, educational, creative, fitness-related, or even religious in nature. The choice of what to do each day is always in the hands of our residents.

Residents are often able to pursue hobbies and interests that they didn’t have time for or access to living at home. It’s all because the move to assisted living makes it easy for seniors to be as active and engaged as they want to be.

Myth #4Assisted living communities are depressing places to live.

Reality: Not at all! Modern assisted living communities are vibrant and attractive places for seniors to call home. Far from looking like cold medical facilities or institutions, Avista communities are designed to feel warm and inviting. They are places where residents can discover new hobbies and make friends without having to worry about the stress of home maintenance.

In our assisted living communities, there are:

  • Common areas for easy socialization
  • Dining rooms to enjoy delicious meals
  • Craft rooms to spark creativity
  • Fitness centers to stay active
  • A library to enjoy some solo time
  • Access to on-site healthcare services
  • And much, much more

Myth #5Assisted living communities are boring.

Reality: No way! Other people may view senior living communities not necessarily as depressing, but as boring due to daily routines. We admit that there are regular schedules in assisted living, but there is never a dull day. Routines help sharpen memory, which is why we always provide a structured environment for residents… but each daily schedule is flexible to fit everyone’s needs and desires.

At an Avista community, here is what your loved one can expect on any random day:

  • A healthy start with breakfast and any assistance with activities of daily living
  • Optional morning activities, such as fitness classes, worship groups, outdoor walks, or community outings
  • A mouthwatering lunch with friends
  • Afternoon visits with family members and friends
  • More engaging activities to choose from, such as gardening and crafting
  • A delicious and nutritious dinner
  • Preparing for a good night’s rest the way each resident chooses, be it solo crossword puzzles or group movie parties

Myth #6 – Meals at senior communities are bland and unhealthy.

Reality: Nope! There may have been some truth to this myth for nursing homes (skilled nursing care communities) of days past. However, it couldn’t be further from the truth in a modern community like those in the Avista Senior Living network. Our communities employ skilled chefs and dining service teams who prepare delicious and varied menus each week in a restaurant-style setting. Furthermore, staff members are notified of any health issues residents have that require dietary restrictions or modifications, so families can rest easy that their loved ones are getting their unique dietary needs met.

But don’t just take our word for it; experience it for yourself! Prospective residents are welcome to enjoy a complimentary meal when visiting a community near them to taste it for themselves.

Myth #7 – Residents can never leave their assisted living community.

Reality: False! Assisted living communities aren’t prisons! At Avista, our assisted living residents can leave when they wish, even if they don’t have a car. We offer complimentary transportation at select locations, so residents can enjoy community outings, engage in family visits, and schedule doctor appointments at their leisure.

Discover What Assisted Living Can Truly Be At Avista

Common misconceptions about assisted living communities need not hold you or your aging loved ones back from living life to the fullest. At Avista Senior Living, each of our communities prioritizes resident safety and independence, so everyone has peace of mind that their needs are attended to, without sacrificing what makes each resident unique.

Talk to us today to learn more about how we can help your family feel welcomed at any Avista Senior Living community.

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