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Celebrate the 4th in Senior Living Near Park City, Utah

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The Fourth of July celebrations are about fireworks, barbeques, and friends and family gatherings to celebrate our country’s independence. All your loved ones should enjoy the summer holiday, including the seniors in your life. Family members may need to develop some activities to help seniors commemorate the event. Here are some suggestions to celebrate July 4th with seniors in mind:

Bring the Tradition to Them

Nobody wants to miss the Fourth of July, so transform their rooms into patriotic dwellings. Hang American flag buntings, bring grilled hot dogs and hamburgers and ask them to tell 4th of July stories from when they were young.

Red, White & Blue Crafts

Some seniors love a little DIY and benefit significantly from using their hands. Set up supplies for a crafting session. Gather supplies and plan a couple hours with your loved one to make Independence Day crafts they can enjoy.

It is a great way to have the children spend quality time with Grandparents. Once complete, hang your decorations around seniors’ rooms to remind them of their fun on Independence Day.

Picnic in the Park

Pack up the family and head to the city park for a picnic. Be sure to bring a comfortable chair for your loved one or get there early to find an open picnic table. Some parks allow you to reserve pavilions ahead of time for a small fee.

Keep an eye out for 4th of July music concerts, but don’t stay too close to the speakers as they might be a little loud for your loved one.

Baseball Game

There is nothing more American than going to a baseball game. Buy a hot dog and some peanuts and join in a rousing rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.”

Find seats in the shaded part of the stadium, and don’t forget to stay hydrated. The Salt Lake City Bees is a triple-A affiliate of the Los Angeles Angels baseball team. The games are lively and something that everyone in the family can enjoy.


Over the years, your family has probably amassed many photographs of holidays and celebrations. If you and your loved ones have these pictures arranged in shoeboxes, pull them out and mount them in a scrapbook.

Do this activity together, as it helps you relive some of your favorite moments with them. Seniors can keep the finished product with them to look over, giving them a sense of comfort if certain family members don’t live close by.

Hit the Theater

Is there a film your loved one has been wanting to see? Are you looking for an indoor activity to avoid the hot Fourth of July, Utah weather? Watching a movie together is a great way to spend Independence Day together.

While some seniors may enjoy a break from their senior living community, others may prefer staying put and having family over for a watch party. Make some popcorn to share and get comfortable.

Parade Watching

Everyone loves a good old-fashioned parade. Stake out a shady location close to bathrooms to ensure a comfortable place for your loved one to sit. Remember to wear lightweight, loose-fitting clothing, which is best for overall comfort. Make sure your senior loved one is properly hydrated throughout the day, and don’t forget the sunscreen!

Take a road trip

Every senior is different. While some seniors may need to remain within their senior living community during the Fourth of July, others can participate in small excursions. Loved ones who can take a car ride to a family party or see fireworks will enjoy a trip outside their everyday surroundings. A change of scenery can improve family members’ moods and make them feel like they’re a part of the celebration.

Visit Spring Gardens Senior Living Near Park City

Senior Living Near Park City in the Wasatch mountains during the Fourth of July is the perfect occasion to spend time with your loved ones in senior communities. These happy celebrations enable family members to come together and spend quality time with those they don’t see regularly.

Social activities for seniors are essential for maintaining physical and mental health. Regardless of what you do this Independence Day, sharing the experience with the seniors in your life can make this holiday a great day for everyone. You’ll make memories you won’t soon forget.

At Spring Gardens Senior Living in Heber, we offer independent living, assisted living and memory care just around the corner from the picturesque Park City and Deer Valley.

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