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Care After Short-Term Rehabilitation: What’s Next? 

Care After Short-Term Rehabilitation: What’s Next? 

Care After Short-Term Rehabilitation: What’s Next?

After leaving the rehabilitation facility, many people consider moving to a more supportive living environment as part of the recovery process. It is the most effective way to ensure their physical recovery remains on track. The decision to move into assisted living is a wise one, in terms of both safety and care.

Focus on Care Planning

During your loved one’s stay in a short-term rehabilitation facility, you may realize that moving home isn’t the most appropriate option for keeping active and receiving appropriate care. This may come up during their “care plan meeting” or during rehabilitation.

In a “care plan meeting,” your parent’s doctors, rehab staff members, and family members discuss ongoing care needs as well as exercise and treatment goals. During this meeting, if it seems likely that transitioning to assisted living is the best option after rehabilitation, you should start making plans as soon as possible. Depending on the circumstances, an assisted living community might be the most appropriate choice. With an assisted living community, you can ensure your loved one continues to receive care, something that can be difficult to do when they’re at home. Having access to care and support 24/7 is one of the greatest advantages of moving into an assisted living community. In this case, there are healthcare professionals who are available to assist your parent with simple tasks, such as dressing, bathing, and personal hygiene.

As your parent’s time in a short-term rehab is coming to a close, you can start taking steps now to ensure transitioning to assisted living is an easy process. Moving into an assisted living community is the optimal way to continue improving their health. Choosing the right assisted living community can make this chapter of your loved one’s life a happy and healthy one and Spring Gardens Draper would be an excellent choice. 

Spring Gardens Draper is conveniently located just five minutes off the freeway. We are also near Lone Peak Hospital and Alta View Hospital and just minutes away from shopping. We offer assisted living and memory care. We’re a luxury community with bright oversized premium apartments. Call today to schedule a tour or have one of our team members meet your loved one at their rehabilitation facility to discuss options in order to ensure a seamless transition to their new home.

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