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Prescott Valley, AZ

All About Prescott Valley, Arizona

1400 years ago, Prescott Valley was inhabited by the Mountain Patayan people, and some of the artifacts they left behind can still be found in the Fitzmaurice Ruins. The modern history of Prescott Valley began in 1863 when the Walker Party discovered gold along Lynx Creek. The gold discovered in the area would be worth $138 million in 2020 prices.

Prescott Valley was settled by ranchers in the 1880s and originally called Lonesome Valley. Thomas Gibson Barlow-Massicks built the “castle” (really a Victorian-style mansion) in Fain Park, and it still stands today. Massicks died of an accidental gunshot wound at age 37 in 1899.

In the mid-1960s, a Phoenix real-estate company purchased land in Lonesome Valley ten miles east of Prescott and began selling home lots. By 1979, more than 1500 residents lived in the unincorporated area known as Prescott Valley, and they voted to incorporate as a town.

Why Choose Avista Senior Living Near Prescott Valley, Arizona

Just a few miles away from Prescott Valley, tucked into the foothills of historic Prescott and built into the surrounding hillside, Avista Senior Living is an inspiring assisted living community where you can experience the liberty of life on your own terms. Positioned in the heart of one of America’s most-desired retirement locations, Avista Prescott’s assisted living community provides a warm and welcoming setting with mile-high views of the surrounding mountains and Prescott’s National Forest.

Prescott is the ideal setting for active seniors who enjoy the occasional day trips, and particularly for seniors with friends or relatives living in Prescott Valley. Avista Senior Assisted Living is only an hour and a half from Sedona’s red rocks and a picturesque drive from the Grand Canyon. Prescott is perfect for those who wish to unwind and enjoy the later years of life, basking in the Arizona sun.

Discover What Prescott Valley Has to Offer

If you’re interested in seeing some nature around Prescott Valley, the Iron King Trail is a great 4.1 mile hike to try right outside of town. You’ll see the stunningly varied landscape of verdant greens, stark desert, striking views, fascinating relics of the past, and dramatic geological formations.

For those who like a game of golf over a hike, you can book a round at Stoneridge Golf Course to enjoy with your loved one at our assisted living community. And people who love animals will really appreciate a visit to Plum Creek Alpacas for a visit around the pregnant alpaca dorm, the maternity, the nursery, and the show string. Don’t forget to bring your camera!​​

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