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Avoiding Isolation with Assisted Living in Prescott

Assisted Living in Prescott

Assisted Living In Prescott, Arizona | Evergreen Village 

WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR AGING loved one staying healthy, you know the benefits of regular exercise, a nutritious diet, and annual preventive care appointments. However, what you may not know is that their social calendar and interactions with a circle of friends can keep them healthy as well.

More research points to the importance of connecting with others and developing relationships with peers during retirement. Fortunately for your loved ones, senior care living options can make connecting with others even more accessible than living at home alone or with a partner.

How Does Isolation Happen?

Most older adults don’t mean to become isolated. It is just something that tends to happen slowly. Isolation and the feelings accompanying loneliness can occur due to friends moving, partners passing away, reluctance to drive, or just a less busy social calendar. With fewer activities and opportunities for social interaction, some tend not to leave the house more and more.

After retiring, it’s normal to lose day-to-day contact with coworkers and friends. Isolation acts quickly and often sneaks in before family members even notice. Many times, the consequences of loneliness appear before the family or even the person themself realize they are isolated.

What are the Dangers of Isolation?

Research on aging points to the importance of meaningful relationships and other connections with peers. Isolation and feelings of loneliness have profound health implications on older adults such as:

  • increased risk of heart disease 
  • increased risk of stroke 
  • rapid cognitive decline
  • higher rates of anxiety
  • high blood pressure 
  • obesity
  • weakened immune system
  • higher rate of depression

Fortunately, older adults can reverse these poor health outcomes by finding ways to connect with others regularly. For many, the solution from isolation is an assisted living community. Living in a senior housing community can enhance lives by bringing new opportunities, relationships, and experiences where your loved one can thrive.

Assisted Senior Living in Prescott

Independent living, assisted living, and memory care communities make it easy to form new relationships and foster friendships with neighbors. Because of smartly-designed communities, seniors find it easy to make connections happen. 

These communities often have centrally located sitting rooms, fitness centers, and dining rooms. Regular community activities, nature trails, and lovely gardens give residents plenty of ways to meet new people and strike up conversations. Feeling secure in a new living environment and being surrounded by new acquaintances helps to improve mood. Residents in assisted living are happy to find new friends. 


Read this fantastic review from Debbie Goyette:

I am more than satisfied with the excellent care my Mother is receiving at Avista-Prescott.  They keep my Mother healthy and happy with a truly collective and caring effort by their entire team.  Her room is cleaned and the bedding changed weekly, trash is emptied daily, meds are timely and I am amazed at the daily variety of menu items to please all palates.  

The individual attention provided deserves mention…stopping in to remind my Mother it’s lunchtime, giving her yogurt out of her little fridge at breakfast to take with her meds (she’s not a morning person!) and shampooing her carpet when needed are just a few ways they care for her and all the residents.  They truly shine when it comes to keeping her active and engaged with the wide variety of activities and one-on-one attention.  

There’s the normal bingo, jewelry making and coloring but she can also learn sign language, attend dance get-togethers, meet for cheese and crackers and this week they are bringing horses to the facility to interact with the residents!  My Mother is now addicted to Wii bowling, which for her is a challenge with her tremors.  

She is encouraged and receives patient and loving attention by the Activities Director and fellow residents to improve this “muscle memory” while she enjoys great camaraderie.  I wish to express my sincere thanks to the director, Alyssa Branson, and her entire team who contribute daily to my Mother’s good care at an extremely reasonable price.

What are my Next Steps for Assisted Living in Prescott? 

Older adults who begin to research assisted living in the Prescott area find that community life is one of the biggest perks. Adding in maintenance-free living, incredible restaurant-style meals, health care services, fantastic staff members and additional peace of mind, it is no wonder why adults thrive in senior living communities in the Prescott valley.

If you would like to learn more about how moving to a senior living community can make a significant difference in the quality of life, then please get in touch with us. Or better yet, come by for a visit and see for yourself. 

Here at Avista Senior Living, Evergreen Village, kindness is at the core of everything we do. We love supporting our residents and their families. 

Are you searching for an assisted living community or researching options? If so, we would be honored to be your resource as you explore what’s best for you.

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