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How to Help your Parents Realize they need Assisted Living in Holladay

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SOMETIMES IT BECOES CLEAR to adult children that their parents need to make a move to assisted living in Holladay. Maybe because of a chronic health condition that is in decline, repeated falls, a recent close call, or difficulty managing everyday activities such as taking medications on time, grooming, eating regularly, or handling chores.

However, as adult children, we often hesitate to raise the topic of assisted living with our parents. The idea can bring fears of mortality, worries over the loss of independence, and other emotional weights. Consequently, adult children often delay these critical conversations for far too long until the need for assisted living becomes pressing. Be proactive and tackle the issue in a reasonable time and place. You’ll be happy you did.

Your parents value their independence in retirement. While you’ve heard about the benefits that senior living communities can offer older adults like your parents, you’re not exactly sure how to talk to them about it. Having a conversation about an important life transition is difficult. Here are some valuable tips that will help you break the ice about assisted living:

Plant the Seed

Begin by planting a seed. Don’t approach your loved ones as though you’ve already decided for them. Mention that there are options out there that could make life easier, safer, and more enjoyable for them.

After an injury or when a parent complains about the difficulty of accomplishing everything they want to achieve is the perfect time to bring it up. Mention how assisted living could help prevent such injuries in the future or provide extra help to lighten their burden.

Recruit Help

If you have siblings, talk to them about their opinions on assisted living in Holladay. Agree about how, when, and where you want to encourage Mom or Dad to take that giant step. Talk to your parents individually, and if the need becomes more pressing, consider talking together as a family. 

Take a Visit

Not knowing what to expect from a significant life transition is one of the main drivers of apprehension. Help your parents understand what their lifestyle could be like at an assisted living community near Salt Lake. The best way is by taking a few visits of communities that have caught your interest. 

Your parents will get a firsthand look at the community and understand what to expect from the next chapter. They’ll be able to see the level of care, the environment, and what activities and amenities are available at each place.

Don’t Act as if the Decision has Been Made

When you feel ready to talk to your parents about assisted living, it’s best to approach the topic gently. Remember that change is intimidating, and taking it slow can help your parents move forward. Ask some questions about how your parents are doing. You want them to open up about any struggles they’re experiencing or if they’re having difficulty with any activities. 

As soon as any issues are out in the open, it’s time to share with them what you’ve learned about assisted living communities. Let them ask questions and voice their concerns. Your parents need to feel heard because moving to an assisted living community is their decision, after all. 

Offer Reassurance

Your parents are maybe afraid you won’t visit as often once they are living in assisted living. Perhaps they fear the grandchildren won’t be around on a regular basis. Reassure them that you will always be a routine part of their lives. 

Moving to assisted living is not an easy decision, but it could be the best decision to make in retirement. If you have questions or hesitations, please get in touch with us. We are happy to give you a visit and show you what Spring Gardens in Holladay is all about.  


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